AFP Crecer, El Salvador

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My name is Carlos Ramos. I work for AFP Crecer as the digitalization supervisor.  AFP Crecer is one of El Salvador’s largest fund manager.  We manage the pension funds of about 1.7 million affiliates. Our mission is to support our clients in the most important savings of their life. We’re working to make that money last so that when retirement comes, they’ll have enough sustenance to support them and their family.

From a technological standpoint, the biggest challenges that we faced was having a document model that would be, let’s say, “flexible”, that would allow us to maintain quality control from our stored information, and also streamline digital processes to serve our customers in a more efficient manner through our channels. We evaluated several tools and Laserfiche was the one we liked the best.

Somehow, we discovered that document management goes beyond just digital archiving. We’re giving the opportunity to all of our executives to access information in a timely manner, and be able to deliver information and attend clients in a more effective manner.  Thanks to Laserfiche, as a tool, has allowed us change our processes. We went from a timeframe of 5 days to 3 days. Other processes sped up from 15 days to just 5 days.

The product has opened up additional opportunities to not archive digital documents, but also open up the possibility for those documents to accompany our key business processes. And also, the use of digital forms that allow the reduction of paper use. We were consuming close to 650 reams of paper, so that’s about 350,000 sheets of paper per year.

We’ve been working with Laserfiche for about 10 months and the experience so far has been fabulous. Now we have more visibility and we can do more complex searches, and reports that same users can even do. Throughout our journey, we’ve discovered things that we imagined and believed couldn’t be done with a software, but Laserfiche can do those things.

Time savings, reduction in costs, and a simpler capture and digitization process. A record took close to 100 days from it’s creation to become a record for archiving. Now it only takes 2 days for a record to be archived. We get notifications if there’s an error or notifications if digitization was successful.

With Laserfiche, and where I see future opportunities, we can do an analysis of what processes we can automate, what documents participate in those processes, and not only opportunities to automate them, but also to completely redesign them, and see how we’re doing things now and how we can do them tomorrow.

We must remember that we work and are dedicated to serve our clients’ needs…Financial needs with regard to pensions, and for them it’s very important to get speedy service, and that’s why Laserfiche has been a fundamental part of that.

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