Murria Solicitors Modernizes Legal Forms

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Murria Solicitors is a general practice law firm located in the United Kingdom. With a broad range of services across many types of UK law—such as crime, personal injury, property, and commercial—the firm requires clear accountability and compliance for each litigator’s daily activities.

Helping Firm-wide Compliance

Prior to using Laserfiche, lawyers would fill out a 40-page form after courtroom or police station visits, creating a cumbersome and time-consuming process for both the lawyers and clients, as well as delays in billing and case completion.

“The compliance wasn’t there and the money wasn’t there,” says Murria Solicitors Operations Manager Mark Reynolds. “The starting point for us was to deal with that particular issue of ensuring that when someone went to the police station, the paperwork actually got to us and got to us on time, instead of two weeks later.”

Laserfiche’s advanced forms capabilities were an attractive solution for improving processing times and creating compliance controls. The company selected Laserfiche to bring information accessibility and accountability to the firm’s client and administrative processes.

Taking the Leg Work Out of Legal Work

The firm began by implementing mobile forms within its Crime and Litigation Department. With Laserfiche Forms, litigators can now use iPads to immediately capture and update client information at police stations or courtrooms, then instantly send the information to the firm’s administrative department for end-to-end processing. Forms-based workflow and analytics automatically track litigators’ court attendances and time reporting, simplifying accountability and providing more accurate data for billing.

“Laserfiche gave us a fantastic vehicle for that,” says Reynolds. “The Laserfiche system could capture information from the client, which is more and more important from a data protection point of view now. There was accountability. Things weren’t just going to disappear.”

Benefits include:

  • Solicitors can instantly and accurately capture client information on mobile devices.
  • Client paperwork is automatically sent from lawyers to administrative teams for processing.
  • Offline access to documents helps solicitors address client needs on the fly.
  • Police station visits, court attendances and litigator time cards are automatically tracked, creating more accurate and transparent reporting.
  • Administrative costs in the company’s Crime department were reduced.

“Laserfiche looks after all the typical elements of what a lawyer does,” says Reynolds. That’s been the biggest breakthrough for us as a practice, and the most spectacular application of it for the firm as a whole.”

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