Assess the impact of document management software

Document Management Software Justification ToolkitIf you’re beginning a document management project, you need to prove to your boss, coworkers and IT staff that the solution you want is well suited, well vetted and well within everyone’s budget.

To assist you in gathering requirements and buy-in, we’ve compiled a justification kit based on the most common questions we receive from first-time document management software buyers.


  • Critical Questions to Ask During Your Reference Call
    Interview current software users of vendors you’re considering to learn about their selection process and user experience.
  • Critical Questions to Make Sure are Answered During Your Demo
    Ask these questions of solution providers to make sure you’re getting a comprehensive product assessment.
  • ECM System Checklist for Technical Decision Makers
    Answer these questions to ensure that the solutions you are considering meet your technical needs.


  • Guide: Create Your Own Cost-Benefit Analysis
    Use this table to calculate your organization’s potential savings for document filing, printing and storage.
  • PowerPoint: Identify and Address New Areas of Cost Reduction with Enterprise Content Management
    Present your boss with a clear business case for document management using these customizable slides.

Proposal / RFP

  • Template: RFP Intro, Timeline and Project Scope
    Create a clear project brief of objectives, system needs and implementation plans with this fillable template.
  • ECM RFP Technical Requirements
    Review this master list of needed software functionality for every aspect of document management.

Download this free Document Management Justification Kit today and start calculating your savings with document management software!

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