Combining Community and Collaboration in Government

The human mind has a wealth of useful information and experience that shouldn’t sit idle until it’s overwritten by internet memes and cat pictures. Government agencies in particular can acquire substantial insight and ideas by bringing tacit information into the conversation.

Sit back down, conspiracy theorists—all information sharing is voluntary.

Read this Center for Digital Government strategy paper, “A Community for Collaboration and Innovation,” and learn how government agencies are using enterprise content management applications to power their communities of practice. These communities of practice consist of people—staff and citizens—focused on sharing context, connecting and spreading existing knowledge to make better and more informed decisions.

CDG Community of Collaboration

A community of practice within a government organization can improve:

  • Organizational efficiency by supporting faster and better-informed decisions.
  • Citizen engagement by giving them an online forum to contribute to government decisions.
  • Knowledge retention by preserving ideas from employees who leave the organization alongside discussions/lessons learned about completed projects.

Get your free copy now.

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