Smart Invoice Capture

Accelerate Accounts Payable Processes with Smart Invoice Capture

AI technology allows you to go beyond what was possible before with AP automation. Adding the ability to recognize different invoice formats to your workflows can enable your organization to be more agile, adaptive, and efficient when it comes to paying out to vendors.

Transform Your AP Process from Procurement to Payment

  • Increase Efficiency

    Automate manual tasks to focus on more productive work such as managing vendor relations and meeting deadlines.

  • Reduce Turnaround Time

    Automatically route invoices and use reporting tools to identify bottlenecks.

  • Integrate Your Systems

    Integrate with ERPs and other third-party systems to maintain accurate and consistent data.

  • Simplify Audits

    Minimize audit prep time and demonstrate compliance with automatically generated audit trails.

  • Maintain Cashflow Visibility

    Gain valuable insight into your organization’s cashflow using reporting tools.

  • Prevent Fraud

    Match purchase orders to invoices to instantly spot inconsistencies.


How Mercer Island School District Modernized Invoice Processing

“We quickly adopted Smart Invoice Capture and it was night and day.”

– Tyrell Bergstrom, Executive Director of Finance and Operations

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