Eliminate loan processing bottlenecks

  • Digitally route electronic loan files through origination, closing and funding.
  • Ensure that loan officers, branch managers and underwriters are working with the most accurate loan documents.
  • Reduce manual data entry by automatically pulling information from existing databases, records and forms.

Improve back-office productivity

  • Decrease time spent managing physical forms and transferring records.
  • Centralize customer records and make information available to all authorized branch employees on demand.
  • Retrieve documents instantly based on loan number, CIF number, SSN, EID or document type.
  • Eliminate time wasted tracking down physical records.

Reduce the cost and complexity of compliance

  • Cost-effectively manage records to comply with FDIC, OTS and FRB retention requirements.
  • Provide auditors with instant digital access to records.
  • Reduce the cost of storing and transferring paper records.
  • Automate document retention to eliminate lost documents and associated fines.
  • Constantly monitor document access and retrieval to maintain the highest standards of security.
Bringing content from multiple devices together with a central document repository.

Provide rapid response client service

  • Enable simultaneous access to documents to allow customer service reps to efficiently answer customer questions.

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