Banking & Lending

Banking & Lending

Streamline customer service operations while raising the bottom line.

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Eliminate loan processing bottlenecks


  • Capture new client data in electronic forms that can be digitally routed through origination, closing and funding.
  • Use document versioning to ensure that loan officers, branch managers and underwriters are working with the most accurate loan documents.
  • Reduce manual data entry by automatically pulling information from existing databases, records and forms.
Improve back-office productivity

Decrease time spent managing physical forms and transferring records.

  • Centralize customer records and make information available to all authorized branch employees on demand.
  • Retrieve documents instantly based on loan number, CIF number, SSN, EID or document type.
  • Eliminate time wasted tracking down physical documents.
Create more responsive client service

Provide rapid response to new accounts requests and client inquiries.

Enable simultaneous access to documents to allow customer service reps to efficiently answer customer questions.

Create workflows that automate suitability approval and exception handling.

Create online portals where customers can securely access and submit forms and review agreements and supporting documents.

Reduce the cost and complexity of compliance

Cost-effectively manage records to comply with FDIC, OTS and FRB retention requirements.

  • Provide auditors with instant digital access to records.
  • Reduce the cost of storing and transferring paper records.
  • Automate document retention to eliminate lost documents and associated fines.
  • Constantly monitor document access and retrieval to maintain the highest standards of security.

First Foundation Bank

Automating the new deposit account opening process with Laserfiche resulted in the following benefits for First Foundation Bank:

  • New accounts can be opened much faster than before since documents don’t have to be mailed back and forth between the branches and main office. What used to take a couple days or weeks, now takes a few hours.
  • Documents are never lost or misfiled since everything is automatically stored in the appropriate place and accessible only by authorized users.
  • It is very easy to see a particular deposit account’s progress simply by looking at the document’s Deposit History field.
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