Connected Enterprise

To become more resilient and agile, a focus on a frictionless customer experience and digital workplace is essential. The success of these efforts — and your organization’s speed and responsiveness — hinges upon connecting underlying content, processes, people and data across the enterprise. With flexible custom and low-code integration tools, Laserfiche allows you to be prepared for any scenario while driving optimal employee and customer experiences, transparency and data integrity.

Minimize Coding, Maximize Efficiency

  • Minimize error-prone data entry with pre-built automation activities for Salesforce, Redtail, Dynamics 365 and Ellucian.
  • Streamline e-signature processes end-to-end using no-code integrations for Adobe Sign, DocuSign and more.
  • Complete last mile integration efforts by connecting with legacy apps or third-party sites that lack traditional integration points using code-free RPA bots.

Compose Tailored Experiences

  • Flexibly design connected solutions by using custom scripting, web services, SDKs and more to further extend the Laserfiche platform.
  • Automate the flow of content across enterprise apps by leveraging RESTful APIs to bridge content silos and promote data accuracy.
  • Accelerate solution development with API reference materials, how-to guides and more.

What's the Impact of Digital Resilience?

Dive deeper into the impact digital resilience can have on other key business areas and see how Laserfiche can be the cornerstone for your organization’s digital resilience efforts.

Customer Experience

Keep your business connected with customers.

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Digital Workplace

Promote employee satisfaction and support efficiency.

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Empower team members with out-of-the box resources.

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Digitally Resilient Enterprises Run on Laserfiche

Find out how to automate processes and secure content enterprise-wide to support your digital resilience efforts.

Is Your Organization Digitally Resilient?