Customer Experience

In a relatively short period of time, expectations around customer experience drastically shifted. As customer perceptions are often cast in moments of crisis, it’s ever more critical for a business to quickly adapt and deliver thoughtful experiences. To succeed in turbulent times and beyond, reimagining how to deliver superior customer experiences digitally with Laserfiche is vital to building lasting business resilience and supporting customer confidence.

Collaborate and Reach Your Customers

  • Enable a content portal site for public users to quickly access relevant public records remotely.
  • Directly send files to external parties through password-protected links while maintaining transparency.
  • Set up contactless information capture with public digital forms that are easy to design and publish.
  • Keep customers informed of their application or request status with automated notifications as processes move forward.

A Cloud Platform Built for Resilience

  • Promote access to content and processes that employees need to work remotely and maintain high-quality support for external partners and customers.
  • Minimize business disruptions by leveraging a robust cloud infrastructure architected to keep client work moving even during unexpected events.
  • Enable IT staff to better focus on high value business priorities by offloading the need to maintain server and network systems.
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What's the Impact of Digital Resilience?

Dive deeper into the impact digital resilience can have on other key business areas and see how Laserfiche can be the cornerstone for your organization’s digital resilience efforts.

Digital Workplace

Promote employee satisfaction and support efficiency.

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Connected Enterprise

Create seamless experiences and improve data integrity.

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Empower team members with out-of-the box resources.

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Digitally Resilient Enterprises Run on Laserfiche

Find out how to automate processes and secure content enterprise-wide to support your digital resilience efforts.

Is Your Organization Digitally Resilient?