When dramatic changes are especially urgent, entire processes and experiences must be reimagined to solve today’s challenges while maintaining flexibility for future demands. Innovation is often thought to initiate from IT or operations teams, but it must be accessible to all to truly build resilient organizations. With low-code automation tools and out-of-the-box resources, Laserfiche empowers team members to continuously drive resilient-oriented innovation for your entire enterprise.

Innovate Faster with Solution Templates

  • Accelerate solution design with a broad collection of industry- and department-specific templates, including templates to support COVID response such as symptom reports, equipment tracking, contact tracing and more.
  • Freely configure and tailor prebuilt solutions that include forms, process diagrams and workflows to meet your organization’s specific needs.
  • Share your own solutions as templates with the community to support your industry’s innovation efforts.
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Power Enterprise Innovation

What's the Impact of Digital Resilience?

Dive deeper into the impact digital resilience can have on other key business areas and see how Laserfiche can be the cornerstone for your organization’s digital resilience efforts.

Customer Experience

Keep your business connected with customers.

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Digital Workplace

Promote employee satisfaction and support efficiency.

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Connected Enterprise

Create seamless experiences and improve data integrity.

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Digitally Resilient Enterprises Run on Laserfiche

Find out how to automate processes and secure content enterprise-wide to support your digital resilience efforts.

Is Your Organization Digitally Resilient?