Meet Your Agency's Mission

  • Use business process automation to collaborate on content, route it for review and approval, and publish it to secure web portals
  • Save time by sharing, searching and retrieving information across multiple agency locations and repositories
  • Provide and process information in a safer, faster and more cost-effective manner than ever before
Laserfiche SEC, FINRA, FOIA, HIPAA compliant document repository screen
Maintain compliance with organization-wide user audit trails

Work Anywhere, Anytime

  • Securely capture, view and act upon mission-critical content – from anywhere in the world
  • Manage tasks by individual or team and use e-forms to complete work orders, sign documents, and approve services in the field
  • See documents mapped out in the real world and capture images and documents with geolocation
  • Ensure that mobile content resides within your agency’s IT governance structure, while giving employees more choice over the devices they use

Accelerate Transformation with Solution Templates for Government

  • Learn automation best practices and gain inspiration from solution designs that are vetted by Laserfiche and industry experts
  • Accelerate a return on your investment by leveraging prebuilt templates
  • Easily tailor templates to specific needs to save time and quickly deploy solutions
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Laserfiche SEC, FINRA, FOIA, HIPAA compliant document repository screen

Drive Digital Transformation with Cloud Content Management

  • Save resources and scale up by deploying without on-premises infrastructure— simplifying system management and disaster recovery
  • Meet your agency mission while securing your information, with encryption at rest and in-transit using industry-standard encryption or TLS security network communication
  • Digitize, organize, automate and secure information and processes across your organization to transform how you work

Reduce Risk with Industry-Leading Security

  • Manage records in compliance with DoD 5015.2-STD specifications and NARA standards
  • Meet strict standards for security, compatibility, supportability and sustainability with CoN accreditation
  • Protect privacy and confidentiality with SSL/TSL encryption and strict access controls for unstructured data
  • Provide agency staff with secure, controlled access to centralized repositories from anywhere in the world with secure Single Sign-On, SHA-256 encryption, and multi-factor authentication

Leading the Way to Digital Resilience
See how Laserfiche can help your organization create a more resilient future.

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