Automate all stages of recruitment and onboarding

Create one view for all new hire documents and tasks.
  • Use web forms to capture and route job applications
  • Instantly send notifications to hiring managers when an application requires review
  • Route hiring decisions to HR to expedite the onboarding process
  • Automatically schedule IT provisioning, benefits enrollment and other onboarding tasks when a new employee is hired

Streamline personnel tasks

Eliminate manual follow-ups with one portal for all personnel actions.
  • Create and host web forms on intranet sites for employees to submit travel requests, expense reports and more
  • Automatically track when employees become eligible for benefits
  • Schedule reminder emails for employees to review their timesheets
  • Track policy acknowledgements and other employee agreements

Accelerate Transformation with Solution Templates for Human Resources

  • Learn automation best practices and gain inspiration from solution designs that are vetted by Laserfiche and industry experts.
  • Accelerate a return on your investment by leveraging prebuilt templates.
  • Easily tailor templates to specific needs to save time and quickly deploy solutions.
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Integrate with existing HR applications

Instantly access employee documents in human capital management systems.

Single Access Point

Access all employee information from a single application

Automate Processes

Trigger personnel workflows from third party applications

Easy Access

Access supporting documents from HR applications directly in Laserfiche

“Not a day goes by that I don’t get a request from one of our directors for material from an employee’s personnel file. Laserfiche makes it easy to satisfy their requests and quickly email them exactly what they need.”

—Franklin County

eBook: The Ultimate Guide to HR Automation

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