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Empower Staff Productivity

Save staff time by going paperless and enabling quicker search, organization and archival of student and administrative documents

Automate Processes District-Wide

Accelerate back-office and support services while minimizing costs and optimizing resource allocation

Manage Records Cost-Effectively

Deploy centralized and consistent electronic records management in accordance with FERPA, HIPAA, and other state and federal regulations

An example of the Laserfiche digital document management file system interface

Modernize information management

  • Store and access complete student files in one digital, centralized system
  • Eliminate the need to copy, transport and store paper documents
  • Eradicate manual entry errors through automatic data extraction from Laserfiche Forms, Student Information Systems and more

Drive efficiency district-wide

  • Automate repetitive processes to reduce the manual burden on staff
  • Lower processing time to expedite staff and student services
  • Reduce costs and conserve valuable resources, including storage space and time
Secure and safeguard electronic records with DoD 5015.2 version 3-certified records manager

Simplify records management

  • Apply document-level security for different levels of access
  • Automate records retention and eliminate physical record archives
  • Track and log activity to demonstrate compliance with regulations

Accelerate Transformation with Solution Templates for K-12 Education

  • Learn automation best practices and gain inspiration from solution designs that are vetted by Laserfiche and industry experts
  • Accelerate a return on your investment by leveraging prebuilt templates
  • Easily tailor templates to specific needs to save time and quickly deploy solutions
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“Our ultimate goal is to implement automation throughout the district so that we can collect process data and improve operations based on those analytics. Laserfiche is an integral part of this strategy, and we look forward to implementing creative solutions that will ensure student success.”

—Bob Allen, Director of Business Applications and Process, Frisco Independent School District

K-12 Solutions

  • Human Resources

    Automate employee onboarding and recruiting through the capture, approval, and routing of forms and information

  • Purchasing Agreements

    Register vendors, create contracts, and manage agreements quickly and efficiently.

  • Facilities Management

    File, access and respond to maintenance requests on-the-go with Laserfiche Forms and the Laserfiche Mobile app.

  • Accounts Payable & Receivable

    Digitize and streamline accounts payable and receivable all the way from purchase orders to vendor payments and invoicing.

  • Student Registration

    Standardize information capture and automate processing to streamline annual student registration.

  • Sign-out Sheets

    Digitize program sign-out sheets to maintain accurate records for billing and archival.

  • Records Management

    Store student documents securely in one digital repository for easy search, retrieval and records retention.

  • Public Records Requests

    Accelerate response times to transcript and public records requests to ensure compliance with regulations.

  • Incident Reports

    Create and maintain a record of all incidents and assigned follow-up actions for accountability purposes.

“HR estimates that it has reduced its annual costs associated with document management by over $350,000, as compared to the previous paper process.”

—John Rokenbrod, Software & Records Analyst, Bryan Independent School District

Leading the Way to Digital Resilience
See how Laserfiche can help your organization create a more resilient future.

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