State & Local Government

State & Local Government

Improve citizen services with efficient and transparent governance.

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Cost-effectively deliver critical public services

Reduce bottlenecks, improve public service delivery and cut administrative overhead.

  • Operational Processes: Automate contract management, accounts payable and human resources processes and more.
  • Case Management: Provide case workers with remote access to complete case files.
  • Permitting: Improve revenue generation by electronically reviewing, issuing and managing permits.
  • Agenda Management: Automate the creation, assembly and distribution of agenda packets.
  • FOIA requests: Maintain information transparency by quickly responding to public information requests.
Consistently enforce DoD 5015.2-certified records management

Centralize the entire lifecycle of government records from creation to final disposition.

Automatically create retention schedules and records structures for all document types.

Provide one view of record structures for clerks and records managers and a simplified view for other staff members.

Enforce information governance policies regardless of record format, location or content.

Log all system activity and use granular security rights to demonstrate compliance at every step.

Increase transparency with digital public records

Make vital public information easily accessible.

  • Expedite document search and retrieval with instant, digital access to records.
  • Provide public access to agendas, permits and other documents with simple, Section 508-compliant web portals.
  • Speed response times to permit requests and other applications with customizable electronic forms.
  • Enable council members, case workers, public works employees, law enforcement and others to view and submit the most up-to-date files on mobile devices.
Create cost-effective shared services

Meet the needs of individual departments while streamlining IT administration.

  • Eliminate the need for individual groups to maintain different document management systems.
  • Share documents between departments while protecting confidential information.
  • Integrate with GIS, ERP, state databases and other core systems for complete information sharing across applications.

How Meade County Rural Electric Co-Op Uses Laserfiche Connector to Streamline Service Orders

Implementing Laserfiche at Meade County RECC has resulted in the following benefits:

  • It takes less than thirty seconds to fill out a service order, as opposed to 5-10 minutes. This equates to a time savings of 2.5 hours a day.
  • Employees are able to do most of their work within UPN instead of having to switch between multiple software applications and windows, improving efficiency and productivity.
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Loudoun County, VA

The Enterprise Team’s strategy was to get Laserfiche into these departments quickly, so they’d see immediate value. This approach paid off, and today the team no longer needs to “sell Laserfiche internally. Everyone wants it.”

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