Human Resources & Workforce Development

Modernize HR for a Future-Ready Workforce

Why Human Resources and Workforce Development Departments Choose Laserfiche

From employee recruitment to benefits management, Laserfiche modernizes government HR operations and streamlines key processes. With powerful workflows improving key functions at every stage of the employee lifecycle, agencies gain a competitive edge in workforce development and are better equipped to serve their citizens.
  • Cultivate an Engaging Talent Experience

    Gain a competitive edge to attract top talent by digitizing job applications with user-friendly e-forms and electronic records management that shorten hiring turnaround time and keep candidates notified in real time.
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  • Drive Agency Growth

    Streamline HR operations like timesheet processing with integrated workflows and keep employee records confidential with granular access rights and redaction tools to increase staff time for high-value people-management functions.
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  • Launch Cross-Agency Collaboration with a Digital Workforce

    Centralize task management between different teams by automating submission, routing and review with Laserfiche and enable effective communication with dashboards to breakdown information silos.
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  • Guide Workforce Development Using Business Intelligence Tools

    Gather data insights around HR processes to make more informed decisions and digitally transform operations for a more sustainable government workforce.
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“The City of Denton has developed a user-friendly process that dramatically increased the HR department’s effectiveness and efficiency. We now have an online job application process that includes the civil service exam registration.”

—Sally Cavness, HR operations and training specialist, City of Denton, TX

How Laserfiche Drives Digital Governments Forward

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