Purchasing & Vendor Management

See how purchasing & vendor management services use Laserfiche.

Purchasing & Vendor Management

Purchasing and vendor management offices use Laserfiche to expedite contract creation, review and approvals, discover cost-savings and add greater value to their communities. With mobile access and powerful workflows, 21st-century governments streamline contract and vendor management to deliver quality goods and services.

Optimizing Contract and Vendor Management Agency-Wide

  • Increase Operational Efficiency with Centralized Information

    Easily locate contracts in a secure, digital repository and centralize information by streamlining procurement requests.

  • Mitigate Risks and Enforce Compliance

    Reduce data loss risks and keep information secure by preventing unauthorized access with granular controls and audit trail.

  • Promote Interoperability

    Breakdown information silos by utilizing integrated solutions that connect with ERP and digital signature tools.

  • Optimize Processes and Build Community Trust

    Increase efficiency for quality service delivery by shortening procurement cycles and improving collaboration with Laserfiche contract and vendor management solutions.

“Before our initial Laserfiche solution was implemented, contracts were impossible to get a status on because the process varied from person to person, which created bottlenecks and lost information. Laserfiche introduced uniformity and a clear line of authority, which ultimately expedited the entire process from weeks to just hours. It was a priority to ensure that this process wasn’t interrupted as we transitioned operations to the cloud.”

—Andrew McElrath, strategic project manager at Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures

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