Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare with the Power of Cloud, Automation and Integration

Process Automation

No-code process designer

Workflows for common business processes

Reduce data entry errors

Third-Party Software Integration

PaaS connections for over 150+ integrations

Pre-built integrations with many higher educations systems

Cloud & Self-hosted Environment

Secure file sharing data through encryption

Support for SSO and MTA authentication

Employs industry best practices to ensure data privacy

South Essex Partnership NHS Trust Invests in Digital Records Management Capabilities

SEPT replaced all legacy imaging systems and several pre-existing contracts and services with Laserfiche, resulting in $1.5M in savings over three fiscal years.

Accounts Payable Transformation Supports Community Health Centers Mission to Provide High-Quality Care

The organization implemented Laserfiche to automate accounts payable (AP) processes, resulting in CHCFL cutting processing time by 50%. Through its digital leadership, the purchasing department’s role has transcended beyond a necessary part of operations and become a significant source of new efficiencies.

Transform Operations Across Your Campus

Simplify Content Management

Manage all your content under one system to make it easy to find information, reduce silos and archive files through an easy to navigate folder-based interface.

Accelerate Content Capture

Minimize manual scanning and indexing with robust capture tools to import and categorize a high volume of documents at scale.

Healthcare Interoperability

Increase transparency and efficiency in making vital patient information such as clinical reports easily accessible and sharable.

Access Files On the Go

Conveniently capture, upload and securely edit files with your mobile device, even in areas with limited connectivity.

Auto-Organize Files

Reduce manual filing work by dynamically populating metadata, naming files or setting records properties using automated activities.

Promote Collaboration

Simultaneously edit content with other team members, leave comments, add annotations and more, all while being able to track changes and versions.

Seamlessly Work with Microsoft 365 Content

Create, edit and archive content with native support for Microsoft 365 apps, including Teams, Outlook and the Office suite.

Facilitate Records Compliance

Auto-file newly created records according to industry regulations and corporate policies.

Connect Content Across Enterprise Apps

Leverage RESTful web APIs to build custom solutions and streamline access to information where employees expect it.

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New HIMSS Market Insights Research Reveals Workflow Automation Improves Employee and Patient Experiences

Gain insights obtained by HIMSS (Healthcare information and Management Systems Society) in collaboration with Laserfiche, that demonstrate how workflow automation and similar digital transformation technologies can help healthcare organizations streamline the patient experience.