One of the largest credit unions in Europe, UK-based Glasgow Credit Union, prides itself on offering cutting-edge lending solutions to its 50,000 customers. With an eye on building an automated lending platform, the company sought an integrated document management solution that could improve its customer service using its existing systems and processes.

“To ensure the viability and ongoing success of the credit union and to make the best use of our members’ assets, we have to continue to evolve and find different ways of lending to our customers,” says Paul McFarlane, Head of Operations.

Overcoming Off-Site Scanning

As the organization grew, processing loan agreements became increasingly more time consuming, as they required staff to wait for off-site scanning to access documents. Completing loan review and approvals also involved toggling between multiple applications and manually entering data.

The company needed a document management system that could integrate with its CRM system and reduce reliance on outside vendors. McFarlane says Laserfiche’s open integrative capabilities were a large part of the credit union’s decision to use system, as the organization saw the potential to improve document access for the credit unions’ customers and employees.

Laserfiche now automatically scans and digitizes loan paperwork and allocates it to relevant employees for processing. Automated workflows can initiate complex payment loan payments and kick off notifications to other areas of the business for review. Employees can access all digital documents handled by Laserfiche directly within the company’s CRM system.

“I’ve been amazed at how easy it’s been to take a document management solution and integrate it with multiple other pieces of technology and our existing processes,” says McFarlane, “There’s been quite positive feedback from the users in terms of how simple it is to access documents.”

Creating a Customer-Focused Lending Platform

Using Laserfiche as an integrative document management solution created a foundation for the company to completely automate its lending platform and offer clients more competitive lending services. Using Laserfiche, the lending process has been automated from application to payout, enabling customers to complete loan approvals in under an hour.

“Our loan customers find the entire process for borrowing a lot more simplistic and a lot more speedy, which only improves customer service,” says McFarlane.


  • Employees can access scanned client documents from Laserfiche directly within the company’s accounting and CRM systems.
  • The credit union reduced operational costs by eliminating the need to outsource scanning for 20,000 loan agreements each year.
  • New members can now join the credit union and apply for funds within 15 minutes.
  • The company’s lending business doubled its revenue in just six months by implementing an automated lending solution.

“Our vision is to be the lender of choice within our marketplace, and Laserfiche has helped us to achieve that,” says McFarlane.

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