Empower 2018 is just days away! Educational professionals make up a significant core of Laserfiche customers, so each year we go out of our way to curate an exciting set of classes geared towards them. Empower is the premier networking event and conference for the enterprise content management industry. Laserfiche is proud to host professionals from a range of industries to share Laserfiche tips, best practices and use cases.

Education is a peer-to-peer industry, meaning that many solutions are passed between education administrators in different areas. We encourage higher ed and K-12 professionals to explore different business solutions that will drive their organization forward through digital transformation.

Here are 4 sessions at Empower that education professionals will want to attend:

1. Enrollment Excellence: Streamline 5,000 Application Reviews with Laserfiche Workflow

With the rising competition among colleges and universities to attract students and fulfill enrollment goals, an efficient admissions process is becoming increasingly mission-critical. The University of Mary Washington, which receives more than 5,000 applications every year, implemented Laserfiche to revamp their admissions process to improve customer service and support the institution’s growth plan. They will outline how they:

  • Accelerate admissions application review using Laserfiche Workflow
  • Ensure information accuracy and reduce manual processing through integration between Laserfiche and Banner SIS
  • Drive effective change management and achieve buy-in for new technology initiatives

Speaker: Kimberley Buster-Williams, Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of Mary Washington
Audience: Business Analyst, Business Professional, Manager, Process Designer
When: Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 1:30 PM, Room 103C

2. Lending a Helping Hand: Better Case Management for Better Care

Quadrupling caseloads and simultaneously increasing the quality of care provided to clients is no easy feat, but Learning ARTS did just that by using Workflow and Forms to streamline the way they manage cases. Founded in 1997, this California-based company helps hundreds of families every year who are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by providing health and education development programs. Come learn how they used Laserfiche to automate the influx of over 60,000 educational and medical records each month and doubled staff retention rates with improved training. They’ll be highlighting how they:

  • Improved care by gathering electronic data to make smarter, more informed decisions
  • Developed strategies to effectively integrate with other software
  • Fostered the use of technology with internal staff and external clients

Speaker: Dr. William Brandon, CEO, Learning ARTS
Audience: Business Analyst, Business Professional, Manager, Process Designer
When: Thursday, January 11, 2018, 9:45 AM, Seaside B

3. User Group: Education

Join us for a nice afternoon tea party with other education Laserfiche users. Network and exchange technology solution ideas and share common interests. Discuss challenges that your school faces and learn how other educators managed change initiatives. This group is open for users of all levels from the Education sector. Laserfiche employees who specialize in this industry will also be in attendance. Say hello to Linda Ding, Grace Ding, and Noël Hong at the conference!

Linda Ding, Director of Strategic Marketing

Grace Ding, Marketing Associate, Higher Ed

Noël Hong, Marketing Associate, K-12

Audience: Higher Ed and K-12 Education Professionals
When: Thursday, January 11, 2018 1:30 PM, Room S7

4. Forms Power Demo: How to Design & Build a Smart Form in One Hour

Join this one-hour power demonstration to gain insight on how to design smarter solutions with Laserfiche Forms. From planning to publishing, Forms guru Dave Covert will be sharing the process he’s perfected for formulating powerful and time-saving solutions. He’ll even build a form during this class using input from the audience to show just how easy it can be! Come learn how to:

  • Identify pain points in your business processes and determine how to develop a solution with Laserfiche Forms
  • Ask the right questions during the planning stage to help thoroughly map out the requirements
  • Take advantage of tools like hidden fields and database lookups to automatically route forms where they need to go, eliminating bottlenecks in your processes

Speaker: Dave Covert, Enterprise Application Supervisor, Bonneville Joint School District No. 93
Audience: Process Designer
When: Tuesday, January 9, 4:00 PM, Room 102AB & Thursday, January 11, 2018, 4:00 PM, Room 102AB

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