Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Laserfiche welcomes Bright Wires Co., Ltd., as the latest authorized value-added reseller (VAR) that will focus on providing electronic document management solutions for customers in the Riyadh area.

According to Ibrahim Mohammed, the firm’s IT general manager, “We plan to work with the many healthcare organizations looking for a reliable, yet easy to implement and use, records management system. We are also focusing on fulfilling the workflow and document archiving needs of the government sector.”

He added, “With the Laserfiche product suite, we can confidently provide our clients with an enterprise solution that seamlessly integrates full-text retrieval, Web distribution and workflow with the other software applications in their existing IT environments. Laserfiche also has a great track record and offers ongoing training and support.”

Chris Wacker, senior vice president of sales at Laserfiche, said, “We select VARs that share our knowledge, ethics, philosophy and goals to help organizations run smarter, and we believe that Bright Wires will be a great addition.”

About Bright Wires
Established in 1989, Bright Wires started out as an electrical materials supplier, then expanded its business operations to include telecommunications. In 2008, the company entered the field of electronic document management, representing Laserfiche. Bright Wires’ mission is to help companies identify needs and offer solutions to improve performance, reduce operating costs, and save time and effort. For more information, please visit www.brightwires.com.

About Laserfiche
Laserfiche creates simple and elegant document management solutions that help organizations run smarter. Since 1987, more than 25,000 organizations have used Laserfiche software to help staff find what they need in seconds, collaborate more effectively and complete daily tasks more efficiently. Engineered for rapid deployment, Laserfiche easily integrates with the primary business applications staff use every day.

Laserfiche distributes software through a worldwide network of VARs, who tailor solutions to clients’ individual needs. In recognition of the outstanding training and support we provide to our resellers, the Laserfiche VAR program has received the Five-Star Rating from VARBusiness magazine. For more information, please visit www.laserfiche.com.

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