There is no denying that ECM (enterprise content management) VARs have been enthusiastic promoters of document scanning for a long time. And why shouldn’t they remain excited about the technology? After all, Business Solutions magazine publishes stories month after month about VARs who continue to be very successful selling scanning solutions. Many years ago, scanning was primarily a centralized process requiring dedicated operators and was, for the most part, restricted to an enterprise-level technology due to the high cost associated with implementation and operation. However, vendors and VARs alike recognized the revenue generating opportunity that results from making the technology more affordable and accessible to a wider range of end users. The result? Distributed scanning.

Imaging-focused VARs are using distributed scanning to broaden the scope of their own document management solutions. According to statistics compiled by Moyes Technology Consulting, distributed scanning technologies used to account for less than 50% of the market’s hardware sales. This figure has grown to represent more than 80%. In fact, sales of distributed or workgroup scanners have grown from less than 50,000 units shipped in 2002, to over 400,000 in 2007, making it the most important segment in the scanning industry. Adjamian Affiliated, Inc. is a Laserfiche reseller that understands the value of distributed scanning as part of a complete document management solution. However, rather than remaining comfortable in strong, established vertical markets such as accounting, finance, or government, this VAR has taken distributed scanning beyond the confines of the ‘typical’ office and out to the job site trailers of some of the largest construction projects across southern California.

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