To our Laserfiche Community,


Our hearts go out to all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This unprecedented crisis is challenging for every individual, family and community — and it reminds us of how we are all connected as a global community.

I wanted to personally reach out and share with you how we are approaching this situation at Laserfiche. Over the past few weeks, we put in place contingency plans for business continuity and crisis management. This includes ongoing leadership from our Crisis Management Team to coordinate emergency preparedness, crisis response and communications.

We’re focused on the health and safety of our employees and their families, so they can focus on serving you — our customers, resellers and partners. After testing our ability to continue business operations remotely, we have already transitioned a majority of our employees to work from home. We’ve encouraged social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at work, at home and in our communities.

We’ve also diversified our staff redundancy for critical functions to maintain continuity of operations and customer service. This includes Laserfiche Cloud Operations, Customer Success, Order Management and Licensing, Finance, Information Technology, Technical Support and other areas.

Along with canceling all non-essential travel, we have transitioned all in-person training events to digital channels. You can sign up for these virtual events by visiting the Laserfiche website or accessing helpful resources such as Getting Started Guides, video tutorials and customer solutions. We will continue to reach out to you with insightful webinars to help you update your organization’s business continuity plans, benchmark lessons learned on shifting a workforce to working remotely, or optimize costs with process automation.

I want you to know that our employees at Laserfiche truly care about your success. We will continue our relentless focus on creating an outstanding customer experience — and especially through this challenging time. We are all in this together.

Thank you for all you do and being a part of our Laserfiche community.



Chris Wacker

CEO, Laserfiche

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