Syracuse, New York – Laserfiche® welcomes Conversion Image Technology (CIT) as the latest authorized Value Added Reseller that will provide electronic document management solutions for customers in the New York area.

According to Jamie Sasenbury, CEO for CIT, “We want our clients to have all the options available for an enterprise solution that seamlessly integrates full-text retrieval, web distribution, and workflow with all other software applications of existing IT environments.” Sasenbury explained, “Laserfiche has a proven suite of products with a great track record, and they offer the ongoing training and support that is needed to create a winning VAR.”

Chris Wacker, Laserfiche Senior Vice President of Sales, said, “We select VARs that share our knowledge, ethics, philosophy, and goals to help organizations run smarter and we believe that CIT will be a great addition.”

About Conversion Image Technology
Founded October 1, 2006 with headquarters in Syracuse, New York, Conversion Image Technology (CIT) is a provider of document solutions including capture software or the best digital scanning hardware to get your job done. CIT works with its customers to find solutions that fit actual budget and needs. Their customers can choose the best innovative tools that are available for document management, microfilming, information storage, integration development, retrieval software, hardware and much more. Conversion Image Technology, Inc. is “working for you.” For more information, please go to

About Laserfiche®
Founded in 1987 with headquarters in Long Beach, CA, Laserfiche ( develops scalable electronic digital document management solutions that enable a wide range of organizations to operate more effectively. Supported by a network of more than 1,000 certified Value Added Resellers, Laserfiche solutions can be found in more than 25,000 business and government offices worldwide. Laserfiche products are known for being both broadly applicable and easy to use and maintain.

Laserfiche Media contact:
Francine Marlenée – 562-988-1688 ext. 211,

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