Solution providers at the Laserfiche Institute Conference gave a thumbs up to the latest version of the vendor’s document management software, especially the new workflow technology. Patrick Welsch, president of Cities Digital, a Hudson, Wisc.-based solution provider and Laserfiche partner, called the new Workflow 8 phenomenal. “It allows customers to pull data from external sources, add scripts and add expressions, all from a graphical interface,” Welsch said. “It’s so powerful, but so easy any user can use it.” Allen Adjamian, president of Adjamian Affiliated, an Encino, Calif.-based Laserfiche solution provider, said with Workflow 8, anyone can be in the field, create a document, send it to the main office and get a business decision in minutes. Bill Payton, president of IP Digital, a Sharron, Mass.-based Laserfiche partner, said, “The front end has a lot of nice nuances, and the back-end database is much more scalable for use by enterprises. It solves a lot of limitations.”

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