FileFacets has joined the Laserfiche Professional Developer Partner (PDP) program to provide powerful solutions for government, education, financial services and healthcare. Through the PDP program, Laserfiche provides out-of-the-box integrations with leading systems for ERP, CRM, GIS and more.

“Here at FileFacets we strongly believe that ECM implementations should be simple, elegant and effective,” said Kirill Kashigin, CTO at FileFacets. “The process of transitioning content into an ECM system shouldn’t be any different. We are very excited to introduce FileFacets into the world of Laserfiche ECM to deliver a complete, simple and effective content migration and records management solution.”

FileFacets’ proven, user-friendly process seamlessly integrates with Laserfiche ECM. FileFacets handles all the aspects of transitioning content into Laserfiche ECM so information workers can focus on value-added activities and services.

“By integrating FileFacets solutions with Laserfiche ECM, organizations benefit from having easy access to external content through the Laserfiche interface,” said Catherine Ramos, Director of the Professional Developer Partnership (PDP) program at Laserfiche. “We welcome FileFacets into the Laserfiche PDP program to provide customers with an intelligent migration path and accelerate their records management deployments.”

By digitizing paper archives, Laserfiche enables users to instantly pinpoint the information they need, collaborate more effectively and complete daily tasks more efficiently. Secure web access allows governments to easily share information with other agencies, other jurisdictions and constituents, while comprehensive security options—including Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2-certified records management—protect information from unauthorized access or release.

About FileFacets

FileFacets is an intelligent migration solution that puts the power of semantic indexing and auto-classification in the hands of end users in an easy-to-use cloud solution. Use FileFacets to automate the classification, attribution and migration of unstructured content to Laserfiche. FileFacets provides Laserfiche resellers and customers a proven, affordable and robust migration solution in one end-to-end solution—ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial) processing, auto-categorization, auto-classification, metadata attribution, PII (personally identifiable information) processing and much more.

For almost 10 years, FileFacets has been used to classify, attribute and migrate hundreds of millions of files across all sectors: federal, state and local government, utilities, oil and gas, finance, construction, and many more. At FileFacets, we understand the value of legacy information and the need to standardize on an ECM system. We can help you move your content from virtually any legacy ECM system to your new Laserfiche environment.


About Laserfiche
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With intuitive on-premises and cloud solutions for document management and process automation, Laserfiche improves productivity, efficiency and strategic decision-making for organizations looking to transform into a digital workplace.

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