Cedar Rapids, Iowa – June 25, 2008 – When severe flooding affected businesses and families in the center of Cedar Rapids this month, the law firm of Arenson & Zimmermann, P.L.C., held strong. The firm had a plan in place that would help them resume operations shortly after the flood waters began to recede.

Because power at the Arenson & Zimmermann offices will be out for at least four weeks, staff spent the weekend setting up remote computer connections for all attorneys and support staff so they could work from off-site locations. “Using Laserfiche to pull electronic files has been a critical element in keeping our operations going, especially when paper files were impossible to get to,” said Lauri L. Chappell, Arenson & Zimmermann’s legal assistant.

“We were able to retrieve electronic copies of our insurance policies and tenant leases to determine issues as soon as possible regarding flood damage,” continued Chappell. “We have also been able to scan new documents into Laserfiche and transmit them to staff, opposing counsel and clients with little disruption to business.”

Laserfiche also allows the firm to print documents in order to recreate files for court, and to retrieve histories of cases without needing access to paper files at all. Chappell explained that without Laserfiche, staff members would have had to carry large boxes of files down nine flights of stairs while holding flashlights. “Although the stair climbing would have put us all in much better physical shape, Laserfiche has allowed us to spend our time producing billable work,” concluded Chappell. “Laserfiche definitely helped keep us going during this difficult time.”

Arenson & Zimmerman’s Laserfiche reseller, Paper Free Technology, is based in Des Moines, Iowa.

About Laserfiche

Laserfiche creates simple and elegant document management solutions that help organizations run smarter. Since 1987, Laserfiche has helped more than 25,000 organizations—including state and local governments, financial services firms and healthcare providers—optimize business processes and reduce operating costs.

Laserfiche captures and indexes all your organization’s business content—from documents and faxes to e-mails and multimedia files—in a secure, central repository. A unified metadata model helps users classify information, while full-text search tools enable them to quickly find what they need. Laserfiche’s open architecture and flexible API promote rapid integration with other Web- and Windows-based applications, allowing users to capture, manage and distribute information in diverse working environments.

Laserfiche software is distributed by a worldwide network of value-added resellers, who have extensive experience creating solutions that meet clients’ specific business needs. In recognition of the outstanding training and support we provide our resellers, the Laserfiche VAR program has received a five-star rating from VARBusiness magazine.

About Arenson & Zimmerman

Established in 1995, Arenson & Zimmerman is a multi-service law firm focusing its practice in the areas of business law, corporate law, dealer franchise law, litigation, real estate, criminal law, family law and personal injury. Arenson & Zimmerman takes advantage of the latest developments in accounting and computer science, including document management software.

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