“Laserfiche takes a ‘less is more’ philosophy and still focuses on eliminating file cabinets, being easy to use, and most importantly — affordable”.

This year version 8 is out and emphasizes a records management module and stronger workflow as well as embraces a more open approach. The key to their success seems to be responsive support and taking care of the little things that help ECM adoption, such a synchronizing CD volumes or a simple integration with the Goldmine contact management system. Their ‘code library’ has hundreds of these utilities that handle often overlooked but critical tasks.” “Laserfiche has grown revenues consistently and has been profitable now for years.

I spoke with many of their customers and one thing is constant: They are trying to buy solutions that solve basic records management and paper-related problems. And most care little about who is buying who — and even less about whether an ECM provider is part of a big company positioning for infrastructure or a medium size pure play emphasizing applications and vertical markets. These buyers are focused on the thousands of business processes that need help managing content, migrating from paper to electronic, and applying higher levels of automation. There is plenty to do for everyone and firms that focus on what customers need will continue to prosper.”

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