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Laserfiche 8 Imminent: New Workflow Automation Platform – By John Conroy

Document management vendor Laserfiche has just showcased Laserfiche 8 at its annual conference in Los Angeles. Delegates were treated to an extensive preview of the product. Laserfiche believes that the new product will streamline delivery channels from point of capture to end users and repositories. They reckon an SOA unification of information from disparate sources, in multiple formats, will achieve exactly that Laserfiche 8 also supports real-time synchronization with enterprise systems and delivers documentation within the context of primary applications.

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Visioneer® and Laserfiche Announce Certified OneTouch Link

Visioneer, Inc., a leader in intelligent imaging solutions, and Software Connections, LLC, a Laserfiche Professional Developer Partnership™ member and provider of robust software solutions, today announced a certified Visioneer OneTouch Link to Laserfiche. Using the Visioneer OneTouch Links Software Development Kit, Software Connections developed a link that allows users to scan documents from a Xerox® DocuMate or Visioneer scanner directly into Laserfiche electronic repositories with the touch of a single button.

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The New Generation of Laserfiche 8

Laserfiche has introduced its next generation software, which will be distributed by its VARs throughout the world, including Mexico. Laserfiche 8 promotes greater labor productivity, reduces costs and helps organizations streamline business processes. With DoD 5015.2-certified records management capabilities built in to the core architecture, Laserfiche provides the ability to automatically and transparently manage the lifecycles of all corporate information assets in accordance with regulatory compliance mandates.

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Tech Bits – By Davis Janowski

Janowski said the just-published Laserfiche white paper entitled “Countering Compliance Confusion” will prove useful to advisers or firms that have not yet embarked on their journey toward a paperless office. He adds that “there’s some genuinely useful advice inside, including a four-page worksheet that you can use and expand as a starting point for a document management plan, as well as a two-page appendix written by an attorney on the subject of advisor electronic recordkeeping.”

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From Hard Copy To Software

Don Jergler said that companies are faced with a constant flow of paperwork and must keep more and more records, and for longer periods. Therefore, organizations are increasingly turning to digital document management solutions like Laserfiche to get paperwork under control. A recent survey by the Enterprise Content Management Association showed that virtually all respondents (99 percent) now believe the process by which electronic records are managed will be “Very important,” while 77 percent rated it as “Quite important.”

Source: Records Management Society Bulletin

Planning and Implementing an EDMS

This article is part two of a four part series focusing on implementing electronic document management systems (EDMS) that was written and submitted by Laserfiche. It states that “performing some type of needs analysis is the next step in preparing for an EDMS implementation. A comprehensive needs analysis requires a great deal of work and is not something that can be entrusted to an outside consultant.” The article also stresses the importance of developing an in-depth proposal, which is critical for securing funding and staff buy-in.

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Imaging Solutions: Visioneer and Laserfiche Announce Certified OneTouch

“Visioneer is the only company that provides a common OneTouch Link to Laserfiche across our entire product line, from $200 desktop scanners to $5,000 production scanners. Customers gain the greatest benefit when integrated hardware and software solutions are powerful, yet easy to use,” said Visioneer vice president of Business Development John C. Dexter.

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Laserfiche at the Aquarium – By Craig Le Clair

Le Clair said Laserfiche takes a “less is more” philosophy and still focuses on eliminating file cabinets, easy of use and, most importantly — affordability.

This year, the company releases Laserfiche 8, which includes a powerful workflow engine and easily integrates with other mission-critical applications. He said, “The key to their success seems to be responsive support and taking care of the little things that help ECM adoption, such as synchronizing CD volumes or a simple integration with the GoldMine® contact management system. Their ‘code library’ has hundreds of these utilities that handle often overlooked but critical tasks.”

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Laserfiche 8 Released

Introduced at its annual conference at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport, Laserfiche 8 provides knowledge workers with critical information on-demand, and more transparency than ever before. With advanced capture and data processing capabilities and an integrated and extensible workflow engine, version 8 can capture content at the point of creation and automatically deliver it to decision makers.

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Next-Generation Laserfiche 8 Optimizes IT Infrastructure

Laserfiche, a pioneer in the document management industry, introduced its next generation software, Laserfiche 8, to more than 1,000 members of the Laserfiche community at their annual conference today at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. “We have always strived to provide document management solutions that are easy to deploy and easy to use,” said Laserfiche President & CEO Nien-Ling Wacker. “Laserfiche 8 extends that philosophy to the realm of integration and business process automation.”

Source: Long Beach Business Journal

Faster, Easier, Cheaper: Technology and Communications Forecast

For Laserfiche, a Long Beach based company that specializes in data storage, retrieval and distribution, today’s high-speed networks play an integral role in the future of businesses of all types. “It’s going to be about access to information, of any type, from anywhere. We are moving toward it, and 2008 will see strides in that direction,” said Chris Wacker, Laserfiche senior vice president. “Right now, there’s a lack of market awareness that solutions do exist. The people who need it don’t always see that it’s available. But as information proliferates, the reason for its existence will become greater. Information is growing at a geometric rate, and the ability to access it, to catalog it, to manage it, becomes more necessary.”

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Saving the World From Paper Tyranny – By Victoria Kim

Staff writer Victoria Kim said Nien-Ling Wacker’s passion for Laserfiche borders on the religious and that Nien-Ling “talks about a ‘dream’ that became a ‘movement.’ Many people ‘believe,’ but there are more to be brought out of the ‘dark age.’ Those who spread the word are ‘evangelists’ – otherwise known as customers.” Kim continues, “Laserfiche is no lifesaving vaccine or cure for social ills. It is software that allows for the scanning and indexing of documents and, by employing optical character recognition technology, enables users to search all the text on every page.” The way Wacker sees it, with Laserfiche she’s bettering human existence by freeing the office masses, not to mention the recycling bins. “One piece of paper is very easy to use, but a million pages is a problem. It becomes a black hole,” Wacker said.

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Software to Keep Your Files in Order

Ready access to documentation often means the difference between breaking new ground or digging through filing cabinets, winning a lawsuit or losing it, or having a title search in hand or only wishing you did. Laserfiche works with Crusader Technologies to bring the company’s software for document management, such as archiving, retrieving and distributing documents and digital assets, to builders in the UK.

Source: Financial Services Institute Conference Guide

Digital Imaging & Electronic Management

The biography for Jeffrey Green, Laserfiche Director of Compliance and a senior consultant for the Laserfiche Solutions group at Laserfiche, was published to introduce Green as part of the Operations Track. His session covered how document management technology can help enhance productivity and efficiency, including how to build SEC compliant archival and retrieval systems; and how and if to migrate to electronic delivery and receipt of documents to customers.

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What Does Ricoh Have to Offer?

While Ricoh is well-known for their office machinery, they are also fast becoming a leader in office software. Ricoh offers a range of document management products, including Laserfiche, that enable efficient and reliable linking, storage and retrieval of large numbers of documents, while maintaining security and accessibility.

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Document Management VARs Like New Laserfiche App – By Joseph Kovar

Solution providers at the Laserfiche Institute Conference gave a thumbs up to the latest version of the vendor’s document management software, especially the new workflow technology. Patrick Welsch, president of Cities Digital, a Hudson, Wisc.-based solution provider and Laserfiche partner, called the new Workflow 8 phenomenal. “It allows customers to pull data from external sources, add scripts and add expressions, all from a graphical interface,” Welsch said. “It’s so powerful, but so easy any user can use it.” Allen Adjamian, president of Adjamian Affiliated, an Encino, Calif.-based Laserfiche solution provider, said with Workflow 8, anyone can be in the field, create a document, send it to the main office and get a business decision in minutes. Bill Payton, president of IP Digital, a Sharron, Mass.-based Laserfiche partner, said, “The front end has a lot of nice nuances, and the back-end database is much more scalable for use by enterprises. It solves a lot of limitations.”

Source: Integrated Solutions Magazine

Move Toward an EMR with Document Management – By Ken Congdon

Ken Congdon said that an electronic document management system can help address the cost and cultural barriers healthcare organizations face when transitioning to EMRs (electronic medical records). Early into his second term, President George W. Bush called for the nationwide adoption of universal EMRs by 2015. Most healthcare organizations seem to be on board with this mission and agree that widespread use of EMRs will reduce storage and recordkeeping costs, protect patient confidentiality,

and improve research and patient care. Mauricio Pinto director of healthcare solutions for Laserfiche explained that an ECM system will enhance an EMR initiative with content-specific features that aren’t part of most EMR products including automatic data capture and extraction, file format conversion, search capabilities, automated workflow, and audit trail reporting.

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