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Vietnamese digitize data management solution

Laserfiche and Quadralink demonstrated their document imaging software with Vietnamese OCR on July 15th. Mr Nguyen Long, Secretary of The Vietnamese Information Association, said that the Government has a lot of difficulties keeping and transferring important documents electronically. Mr Hoang Ngoc Diep, Senior Advisor of ICT said that 99-100% of documents in Vietnam are still hard copies. From mid 2007 until May 2008, Laserfiche worked with Quadralink to successfully build a Vietnamese OCR and Digital Documentation with 99% accuracy in reading Vietnamese. The system also meets all international requirements, including those of the U.S. Department of Defense.


City of Salina Makes Public Records Available On-Line

Todd Pittenger said that accessing records in the City of Salina has become easier, “many are now just a mouse click away”. Documents that have been made available online include City Commission agenda packets, minutes, and Ordinances and Resolutions. Users can locate a document by browsing through the directory or employing full text searches. “Users may also convert any document they have retrieved to a PDF format, which they can then print or save to their computer.”

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West U. Moves Toward $13.8 Million Parks and Facilities Bond

Jennifer Friedberg said that the West University Place City Counsil “also unanimously approved a contract with Municipal Code Corporation for $36,964, to install additional software, provide training and technical support for the city’s Laserfiche system. West U. is working to put all of its records online.”

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Filing Cabinets Versus Electrons

Davis Janowski wrote that “No matter how you calculate it or compare it, implementing the right document management system for your firm will save you money and time and make your

operation more efficient in the long run.” Ten million pieces of paper could be digitized and stored on a 500 gigabyte hard drive. “In a nutshell, it’s a big difference. “

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Keeping the Record Straight

David Lawrence said that SEC policies regarding electronic document storage may be changing in the near future. The original guidelines have been on the books since the late 90’s and Lawrence claimed that the rules need to be updated. The SEC mandates are likely to create an increased emphasis on the integrity of the original scan. Laserfiche Audit Trail assures that original scans maintain their integrity by tracking important information such as the creation date and any dates in which the document was accessed or altered. “The audit trail allows nonstop monitoring of server activity and can sort by any field to easily accommodate search preferences.”

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