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TFA Adds Last Piece of Paperless Platform

Transamerica Financial Advisors (TFA) is offering its brokers and advisers the TFA Synergy platform, which includes Laserfiche, to create a completely electronic office, from signing documents to managing them through the approval process, saving resources and even providing a solution for forthcoming annuity reporting requirements. “After 20 years in the business, I can’t recall anything that’s gotten me so excited,” said Joe Brinker, president of Havertown,Pa.- based Brinker Organization and supervisor for 20 independent contractor affiliates of TFA. Brinker and his advisers use the platform for imaging, document management and workflow, new accounts, and compliance functionality, including a tool that automatically provides documents for specific transactions. Anthony Petsis, principal of Anthony Petsis & Associates, another Transamerica affiliate, said that clients no longer need to be put on hold. “Now we pull up an imaged copy of the change form and see it’s been countersigned. And we can see when we last spoke to the client and whether it may be time to talk again.”

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Good Things in All Sizes – By Joab Jackson

Joab Jackson said the exhibit floor at FOSE features promising new technologies, from a secure chip to a mobile data center. He said that technology from last year is already labeled as legacy today, keeping product vendors on their toes. He said that among the more promising new worthy of closer inspection is Laserfiche (Booth 823) which will feature the latest edition of its flagship product, Laserfiche 8, which has considerably enhanced workflow tools. “Developers can create processes to ship a document across multiple Laserfiche repositories,” said Jackson.

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‘Run Smarter’: Laserfiche Changes the Course for Businesses Worldwide.- By Thyda Duong

Thyda Duong interviews Laserfiche President Nien-Ling Wacker and Senior Vice President Chris Wacker about Laserfiche. For more than 25,000 customers worldwide in nearly every industry, Laserfiche has become a go-to company poised for continued growth and expansion. And despite a slowed national and regional economy that has generated widespread concern and cost-reductions at companies across the country, Laserfiche’s nature as an organizational infrastructure supporter has helped the company grow steadily.

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$4.6M Grants Received in February

Palau received a total of $4,689,607 in February 2008, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Budget and Planning. This amount came from six outside sources and in 10 different types of grants for four national agencies of the government of Palau. $93,181 is for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to install a Laserfiche system and upgrade workstations for the social security office.

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Going Digital – By Annie Macios

Annie Macios said that in any healthcare facility today, streamlining work processes and eliminating misplaced paperwork are always near the top of to-do lists. Finding the best way to make it happen, however, isn’t always the easiest task. In a concerted decision to embark on digitizing nearly every aspect of its operations, Central Oregon Radiology Assoc., P.C. (CORA) in Bend, Ore., created a plan to achieve this significant goal with the help of Laserfiche. The initiative involves digitizing three key components that will be sequentially phased in and integrated: a Laserfiche digital document management system to store and manage consent forms, explanation of benefits (EOB) forms, and other documentation; a radiology information system (RIS) to manage appointment scheduling and billing; and a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) to store and manage radiological images, transcriptions and medical information.

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Caging the Paper Tiger – By Annie Macios

When Central Oregon Radiology Assoc., P.C. (CORA) in Bend, Ore., decided to digitize nearly every aspect of its operations, they chose Laserfiche “after seeing a demonstration of how much Laserfiche is capable of.” Mauricio Pinto, director of healthcare solutions for Laserfiche, describes how document management can be streamlined, reducing the so-called paper trail that pervades many healthcare facilities. Marico Oliveira, who was the director of operations when the decision was made and is now CORA’s director of human resources, said, “When we went live with Laserfiche, workflow improved tremendously.”

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Taking the Paper Out of Paperwork – By Lauren O. Kid

Councilman Maurice “Mo” B. Hill and Councilwoman Melanie S. Donohue are the first Toms River, NJ, officials to take part in a program implemented by the township clerk’s office that has an ultimate goal of going paperless. The document management software, Laserfiche, lets records manager Greg Horback hyperlink ordinances, resolutions and accompanying background information for meeting agendas onto a flash drive, which Hill and Donohue then plug into their own personal laptop computers, forgoing the usual manila folders filled with papers. “This just makes it so much more efficient,” Donohue said.

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Laserfiche Demonstrates How to Orchestrate Business Processes in an Ever-Changing Environment

Laserfiche, a pioneer in the document management industry, presented at the AIIM conference on “Orchestrating Business Processes in an Ever-Changing Environment.” AIIM is the Association for Information and Image Management, and is internationally known as The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Association. Over 20,000 visitors attended the conference. Presenters Dave Lakness, Laserfiche, Vice President of Business Development; Michael Wells, Chesterfield County IT expert; and Carl Long, Unity Business Systems, Laserfiche value-added reseller explained how Chesterfield County, VA, streamlined payables, planning, human resources, tax administration and records.

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RB Document Solutions Signs Exclusive Agreement with Ruby Digital

RB Document Solutions Ltd, a Laserfiche digital document management solutions provider, has signed an exclusive UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Ireland reseller and distributor agreement with Ruby Digital, Inc., a Laserfiche Professional Developer Partnership™ member, for their digital pen solution. To speed up form submission and workflow processes, pen strokes are captured using digital pen and paper forms overlaid with a unique dot-pattern water mark.

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Marina Medical Boosts Fiscal Health and Goes Greener

Based in Cerritos, CA, Marina Medical Billing Company is a fast-growing organization that needed an enterprise-level document management system. The objective for the company’s Laserfiche implementation was to eliminate paper-document handling, cut costs and increase efficiency for emergency-room billing. The approach used was to deploy HP StorageWorks systems and ProLiant servers to support Laserfiche document-processing software. IT improvements seen are increased efficiency by eliminating paper documents from the billing process, support of continued business growth – without adding staff; and enhanced system availability with failover capability. Business benefits include: slashes the cost of creating, handling, and storing paper documents; reduces consumption of paper, toner, and energy for printing; decreases cost and energy consumption for shipping paper documents; reduces billing turnaround time for clients, enabling faster collection rates; added security and improved HIPAA compliance; and supports the company’s growth strategy by eliminating geographical limits to expansion.

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Top Correspondent Clearers Taking On the Vendors – By John Hintze

In search of added revenue, the largest correspondent clearing firms are working to extend their technology know-how across their clients’ broader businesses, and potentially become a consulting and technology source for non-clearing customers as well. Los Angeles-based Transamerica Financial Advisors (TFA), for example, tapped multiple vendors to build an in-house, front-to-back-office system to handle services such as new-account opening and document management across the firm. Hintze states that financial services technology is a competitive sector and both clearers’ solutions are competing against well-established vendors. TFA, for example, chose SunGard Data Systems’ account-opening solution and Protegent Surveillance compliance tool, implementing both in 2006. It also uses Laserfiche’s Web-based document management system.

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Flexibility and Efficiency

James Green summarizes Nien-Ling Wacker’s speech at the mid-January Laserfiche Institute annual conference. He states, “Nien-Ling Wacker, the CEO of Laserfiche, recalled how things were 20 years ago when she was developing the software that would lead her company to dominance in the document management field.” Wacker pointed out that complexity often makes it hard for early users of technology to figure out what to do with it. She said her job was to make it easy for advisors to use technology by looking at how people work and at how to improve their efficiency.

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