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Discover EMC Opportunities in Healthcare – By Vicki Amendola

“The healthcare industry is under intense pressure to move beyond paper,” says Chris Wacker, senior VP at Laserfiche. “However, only a small percent have converted to electronic documents.” Wacker said that a well-planned ECM solution can be a cost-effective and technologically viable alternative for many healthcare providers, including the thousands of smaller group practices in existence.

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Laserfiche Records Management Edition

ECM states that in today’s multi-regulatory environment, organizations in all industries are looking for a solution to manage information, mitigate risk and ensure compliance with regulatory demands. Often, this means implementing a variety of specialized applications and developing new business processes. But there’s a simpler, more cost-effective way to achieve records management goals—all from a single platform. Laserfiche Records Management Edition (RME) unites document management and DoD 5015.2-certified records management to increase your information’s availability while preserving its integrity. Transparent records management tools make it easy to extend your records policies enterprise-wide, without disrupting the way an organization runs.

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Business Beat

Long Beach-based document management software development company Laserfiche has just signed a deal with the government in Vietnam to develop a nationwide information database and establish a national IT infrastructure.

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Laserfiche to Develop Nationwide Database in Vietnam – By Thyda Duong

Thyda Duong reports that Laserfiche has signed a memorandum of understanding with government leaders in Vietnam to develop a nationwide information database and establish a national IT infrastructure for the Southeast Asian country.

Source: Post Star

Historians Go High-Tech

According to the Post Star, the terms “historian” and “technician” may sound like opposites — one dealing with the past, the other futuristic sounding. Glens Falls city historian and records management technician Wayne Wright finds the dual roles complement one other. Wright uses computer technology to make searching historical records easier. Searching birth, marriage and death records used to involve dragging out an oversized book and following a multiple step photocopying process. “They were just horrible to lug around. You’d have to pull them out and make copies, trim the copy, copy the (trimmed) copy to send a vital record to someone,” said Wright who is close to completing a 10-year project that computerized records dating back to 1888 using Laserfiche document management. Next will be a subsequent project to scan city and village meetings dating back to 1813.

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Laserfiche Conference 2008 – Mexico City

Laserfiche® held its Latin America technology conference in Mexico City at Hotel Nikko Mexico. Value-added resellers, customers, and potential customers from Baja California to as far away as Costa Rica attended to learn about Laserfiche’s new products and features including Laserfiche 8 and Rio ECM. Special guest speaker Jorge Viquez, IT Director for the Department of Labor for San Jose, Costa Rica, shared how he created and implemented a strategic plan that includes a paperless workflow process for a complex organization. “Latin America is an exciting territory with a growing demand for streamlined and automated business processes, especially in government, said Sandra Vila, Laserfiche regional manager for Latin America. “We hosted ing this educational conference to demonstrate our dedication and support for the region.”

Source: Milenio, Moneterrey – Mexico

Guerrero Modernizes Itself

The state of Guerrero government has invested in Laserfiche technology to organize its geographic regions. Governor Zeferino Torreblanca Garrido has invested millions of pesos for technology to bring local geography up to date.

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