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Laserfiche Technology Supports FSA Treating Customers Fairly Rules

The article reports that Laserfiche is offering technology and know-how to help independent financial planners and investment advisers in the United Kingdom meet the requirements of the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) initiative mandated by the United Kingdom’s (U.K.’s) Financial Services Authority (FSA). Laserfiche’s recent initiatives to enhance regulatory compliance through technology among independent financial advisory (IFA) firms in the United States (U.S.) will serve as a platform for its efforts in the U.K. At the heart of both U.K. and U.S. regulatory schemes is the requirement for IFAs to be able to document their processes and workflows to show compliance. Historically, this has been a manual process, burdening IFAs with increasing costs. Now, however, with advanced document management technology from Laserfiche customized for the business operations of IFAs, meeting regulatory mandates is streamlined and made easy.

Source: AME Info/Zawya/Al-Elamia – Middle East

Dubai Creates Virtual Municipality Solving the Paperwork Dilemma

The article states that in the past 30 years, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has quickly blossomed from a regional business center to a global destination. With this development has come lots of paperwork to manage, which is why Dubai has gone digital using Laserfiche, which they say has provided them with a smooth and simple implementation.

Source: Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC) Review

Laserfiche Announces Launch of Rio, and Enterprise Content Management Solution

The article states that Laserfiche has released Laserfiche Rio, which the company describes as a “flexible, scalable and streamlined solution to the enterprise content management (ECM) challenge. It says that Rio can offer organization a full-range of ECM functionality, including: Web-based document management, flexible business process management, complex auditing and security controls, capture and distribution tools, and unlimited servers to support back-ups, failover clustering and testing.

Source: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Connection

Xerox Corporation and Visioneer, Inc. Announce a New Production Scanner for Document and Imaging Workflows

The article says that the new Xerox production scanner delivers dependable features and performance for document and imaging workflows that combine reliable, high-speed hardware with a professional software bundle, making it a cost-effective choice for service bureaus, busy office environments that handle a wide variety of documents, and businesses with complex document scanning requirements. The DocuMate 765 scanner has the ability to instantly scan a document into a searchable PDF file, and send it to one of the many ECM applications that Visioneer has developed links to including Laserfiche.

Source: Inside Fidelity

Fidelity Expands Practice Management Program to Help Independent Advisors More Efficiently Market and Manage Their Business

The article says that Fidelity Investments has expanded its Practice Management Program with the addition of 75 products and service providers including Laserfiche, which offers electronic document management, storage, and retrieval software solutions. Jack Thurman, president of BKD Wealth Advisors said, “In an increasingly competitive market, it is critical to differentiate yourself from the advisory firm across the street.” Fidelity said that since it launched its program, advisors have realized significant savings in business services.

Source: Government Purchasing Guide, Ontario

Case Study: City of Niagara Falls – Converting to a Paperless System Can Help Make Data Safer and More Easily Accessible

This case study explains how the City of Niagara Falls implemented Laserfiche document management software to help solve its information management problems and drastically improve the time employees spend looking for documents. According to Bill Matson, the city’s records and elections coordinator, Laserfiche software was selected because it could help all departments store and manage information, while also allowing each department to create its own organizational structure.

Source: Infochannel Mexico

Consultants Say Only 10% of Mexico Companies Have a Strategy in Place to Protect Their Information From a Natural Disaster

The article says 90% of companies in Mexico say they are not ready for a natural disaster when it comes to protecting information that could be lost. Specialists in Mexico say only one in 10 companies in the country say they have a strategy in place that they can count on for the protection of their information and continuity of the business after a natural disaster.

Consultants from Applied Research West found that most organizations said their main risk concerns are natural disasters like floods, tremors and hurricanes and the main potential consequences of disasters would be the loss of the information. Nevertheless, Laserfiche was mentioned as one of the key companies that organizations in Mexico use as their digital document management system.

Source: PharmaLive/Web Analytics World/My Solution

Thriving Mid-Market for Enterprise Content Management

The article quotes CMS Watch research which finds technology buyers benefiting from diversity as SharePoint fails to dominate ECM. The article says that despite predictions of Microsoft dominance, mid-market Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendors have become stronger and more diverse going into 2009, and this includes Laserfiche, which has expanded its imaging and process solutions for SharePoint.

Source: Sailing World

Company Bonding That’s All Wet

Write Sandra Svoboda writes, “Laserfiche colleagues started to notice the sun- and wind-burned faces of Team Flying Fiche when crew members returned to work Monday mornings. The team recounted stories of dolphins, whales, and unbelievable stars during distance races along the California coast.” She said that company leaders are hoping the on-the-water competition translated into tangible results in the office. Good news. The Flying Fiche team actually just took first place in a race in September. As far as on land, Laserfiche team is excelling in sales and product development.

Source: TecPartner Magazine

VAR Expertise Leads to Efficiency Gains – By Mike Monocello

Money Management firm Adviser Investments grew from 15 to 42 employees and Laserfiche helped them get there. Considering that the firm consumes over a half a million sheets of paper a year, the firm used Laserfiche software to create templates to automatically capture key information like account numbers, names, and addresses from documents during the scanning process, making them instantly searchable and retrievable. When the firm did a recent Laserfiche upgrade, Duplitron performed most of the work during normal business hours with no disruption of the staff. “As a small company, we don’t have the resources to dedicate to doing such projects ourselves. Having access to Duplitron’s expertise is integral to Adviser Investments continuing its history of growth,” said Brad Elgart, network/facilities coordinator for Adviser Investments.

Source: The Hillsboro Reporter

Hillsboro Records Going Digital

The Hillsboro Reporter reports that the Hillsboro City Council recently entered into an agreement with Municipal Code Corporation (MCCi) to implement a Laserfiche program. The software, training and support service will allow this Texas city to maintain its records digitally and securely back them up to an off-site computer server and disks. The capability is important in the event of a fire or other natural disaster that could potentially wipe out the city’s paper records.

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