LONG BEACH, CA (Laserfiche) Oct. 27, 2008—Laserfiche® announced today the release of its comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) white paper: The ECM Paradox: Extending Local Flexibility to Strengthen Central Control, which demonstrates how enterprises across industries can effectively and simultaneously provide local autonomy over business process improvement and central oversight over policies and direction.

“A successful ECM solution gives departmental business analysts and line-of-business managers control over business processes and filing methodologies while respecting an organization’s security needs and regulatory requirements,” said Laserfiche Director of Product Strategy and white paper author Tom Wayman.

Wayman recommends an architecture and software design that facilitates the delegation of line-of-business solution configuration, and an elegant user interface that helps ensure rapid adoption with minimal training as key features to look for in an ECM solution.

”We are finding that organizations have a great need to consolidate data, centralize content, and to reduce technical system management costs, while addressing regulatory financial and other organizational challenges across the enterprise,” said Wayman. “Culling more than 20 years of experience, we are able to share how to do this.”

The ECM white paper is available for download from the Rio site.

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