ONTARIO, CANADA (Laserfiche) Dec.18, 2008—Laserfiche® today congratulated Advance Business Systems for 25 years of service to their community. The Laserfiche reseller is the largest supplier of document management software and hardware in Windsor and Essex counties.

Advance Business Systems President Jack Jorgensen celebrates 25 years in business.

“We take pride in providing the Windsor and Essex business community with the latest office technology solutions available, including Laserfiche’s Rio™ for enterprise content management and Workflow™ for automating document-centered work processes,” said Advance Business Systems President, Jack Jorgensen.

“We believe Advance Business Systems has the staff, experience, and contacts to become a successful solutions provider for Laserfiche. We welcome and offer them our support,” said Laserfiche Senior Vice President of Sales, Chris Wacker.

Laserfiche International Regional Manager for Canada, Dan O’Leary said, “We congratulate Advance Business Systems for their service and commitment and we are proud to have this award-winning corporation on our reseller team. We wish them many more years of success.”

Founded in 1984, Advance Business Systems has received numerous excellence in service awards, including the Master Service Award, the Samurai Award, and the Windsor Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award.

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