ORLANDO, FL (Laserfiche – Booth #4131)—February 21, 2011—At the HIMSS 2011 Conference this week, Laserfiche will demo its agile enterprise content management (ECM) software solutions. Laserfiche ECM is used by hospitals, healthcare practices and medical billing companies around the world to manage patient records and automate back-office processes such as credentialing, hiring and billing.

For example, Spindletop Mental Health Mental Retardation (MHMR) Services has integrated Laserfiche with its Microsoft SharePoint portal to enable case management. According to Spindletop CIO Jerry Carnley, “With Laserfiche, there’s no more waiting around for days for hardcopy documents to be found, and no more lost or misfiled records resulting in huge institutional fines. And we aren’t spending upward of $2,000 each month on offsite storage facilities.”

Meanwhile, Molina Healthcare has decreased the turnaround time for credentialing by 44% while doubling number of applications processed per month through its use of Laserfiche. According to Ryan Boe, Corporate Credentialing Manager at Molina Healthcare, “With Laserfiche, the speed at which we can process applications skyrocketed. We’re currently completing approximately 1,500 applications a month, which is up from just under 800 a month a year back.”

Agile ECM systems from Laserfiche allow healthcare organizations to store, locate, route, approve and review both paper and electronic content—including medical records, lab results, signed privacy acknowledgments, explanation of benefits (EOB) forms, invoices, purchase orders, personnel files, compliance records, referrals and more.

Additionally, Laserfiche provides comprehensive security that protects sensitive information while still allowing authorized personnel to instantly access necessary files—protecting the integrity of patient information and facilitating HIPAA compliance.

Detailed case studies outlining the success of Spindletop, Molina Healthcare and more are available at the Laserfiche booth (#4131). A comprehensive white paper outlining the benefits of agile ECM is also available to all HIMSS attendees.

About Laserfiche
Since 1987, Laserfiche® has used its Run Smarter® philosophy to create simple and elegant enterprise content management (ECM) solutions. More than 30,000 organizations worldwide use Laserfiche software to streamline document, records and business process management.

The Laserfiche ECM system allows healthcare organizations to securely manage patient records, accelerate payment cycles and decrease costs. It enables organizations to more easily comply with HIPAA privacy rules and Joint Commission patient safety goals—all while accelerating business processes and making staff more efficient.

Laserfiche is a registered trademark of Compulink Management Center, Inc.

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