Long Beach, CA – In today’s fast-paced and complex family office, you need timely, efficient, ongoing support from your team of employees, attorneys, accountants, consultants and bookkeepers if you want to succeed. Managing, processing and locating documentation that the entire team generates can mean the difference between success and failure. That’s why so many business owners choose Laserfiche® document management software to transform their offices by automating processes for archiving, retrieving and distributing documents.

Laserfiche works with organizations to help them replace bulky file cabinets with servers that hold entire project files in a fraction of the space. WebLink™, Laserfiche’s secure Web-publishing tool, distributes information while keeping it safe, securely delivering documents to the people who need them via intranet or the Internet. One installation on the organization’s Web server delivers easy rollout. WebLink is highly customizable to provide document access that is consistent with the look and feel of your Website. Therefore, everything is available at the click of a mouse from any computer with Internet access.

Laserfiche not only has powerful search capabilities, but its records management functionality is also certified by the Department of Defense. Beyond the document storage and retrieval services, Laserfiche helps family operations protect their business. When disputes arise over contracts, the documents needed to clear them up are instantly accessible in the Laserfiche repository. If, several years down the road, a lawsuit arises over an issue, the family business will be able to locate the relevant documents in order to determine where the problem originated.

The Laserfiche Quick Fields module automatically organizes the heavy volumes of information locked away in paper forms, faxes, electronic databases and numerous software applications—including legacy systems. Once Quick Fields captures and prepares data for retrieval, it can be instantly shared with decision makers and authorized staff across your organization.

Other products that work well for family office operations are Laserfiche Workflow, which helps cut the cost of routing and monitoring work processes, and Laserfiche Plus, which offers CD publishing and disaster recovery capabilities. For more information about Laserfiche, please go to www.laserfiche.com. You can also visit the Laserfiche booth at Technology Solutions & Operations Strategy for the 21st Century Family Office on November 12-13, 2007.

According to Jon Carroll, founding partner and managing director of Family Office Metrics, New York, “Investing in back office technology like Laserfiche will help family offices protect their wealth. From improving productivity and workflow, to giving family members peace of mind with a disaster recovery plan, document management is an area of increasing concern to ultra-high net worth families.”

About Laserfiche
Since 1987, more than 25,000 organizations worldwide have used Laserfiche to manage documents, records and workflow. By digitizing paper archives, Laserfiche helps users find what they need in seconds, collaborate more effectively and complete daily tasks more efficiently, while multiple security features protect information from unauthorized access or release.

Laserfiche Media contact:
Francine Marlenée – 562-988-1688 ext. 211, fmarlenee@laserfiche.com

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