Omaha, NE – October 4, 2007 – Security Equipment, Inc. (SEi) announced today implementation of a best-in-class Laserfiche® Electronic Document Managment System (EDMS). The system is used for document retention and reduces their exposure from a liability standpoint.

Nebraska law stipulates that electronic documents are admissible in court provided that they are stored in an unalterable format and that using an EDMS for document retention is part of normal business practices. “Obviously when you are a security company, you have access to a lot of proprietary information related to your customers,” said Chris Hanstein, Assistant Manager of Central Station Operations. “Laserfiche helps control access to this sensitive information.”

According to Hanstein, “One of our industry regulatory agencies, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), requires that call center personnel have access to customer records within the secure environment of the central station. By providing these personnel with access to these records via Laserfiche Client, this requirement is satisfied.”

Currently, Laserfiche is in use in all departments at SEi’s corporate headquarters. Eventually, they would like to expand document access to their satellite offices while retaining the scanning functions in Omaha.

About Laserfiche
Founded in 1987 and based in Long Beach, CA, Laserfiche ( develops scalable electronic digital document management solutions that enable a wide range of organizations to operate more effectively. Supported by a network of more than 1,000 certified Value Added Resellers, Laserfiche solutions can be found in more than 25,000 business and government offices worldwide. Laserfiche products are known for being both broadly applicable and easy to use and maintain.

About SEi
SEi is a private security firm, based in Omaha, NE, that sells, installs, services, inspects and monitors many types of electronic and mechanical security devices for both businesses and residences. SEi was founded in 1969 and now serves over 13,000 customers in 34 states. It is one of the 100 largest security companies in the United States. SEi has satellite offices in Lincoln NE, Des Moines, IA and Kansas City, KS. For more information, please go to

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