Long Beach CA, Sep. 4, 2007 – Laserfiche®, an electronic document management system (EDMS) firm, announced today the launch of Intuition(www.intuitionpro.com), a powerful new desktop software application customized to address the specific needs of independent investment advisors and small advisory firms.

Intuition, which can capture and manage millions of document pages, is designed for small but growing advisory practices that need to streamline paperwork and address regulatory requirements. For an investment of less than $1,500, independent advisors can significantly reduce operating costs and increase the value of their practices, according to a recent ROI study undertaken by Laserfiche.

Intuition will be demonstrated in Booth #1100 at the Financial Planning Association (FPA) conference in Seattle from September 8-11. As a special buyer incentive, Laserfiche has partnered with Visioneer to offer a free scanner (retail $700) to the first 100 buyers of Intuition. The scanner includes Visioneer’s award-winning OneTouch technology, which is tightly integrated with Intuition making it easy to scan directly into Intuition.

Comprised of some 10,000 small firms, the independent investment advisor industry manages more than $1.7 trillion of American investors’ assets. Many of these firms have sophisticated trading and portfolio management technology but still rely on paper documents and filing cabinets for their record-keeping, customer-reporting and compliance requirements.

With burgeoning numbers of new customers from the “baby-boom” generation now approaching retirement, these firms will need the most efficient tools available to provide high quality investment advice to an anticipated oversupply of clients. Studies show the independent investment advisory firms will more than triple in size over the next 5 years and Laserfiche is leading the way in bringing sophisticated, enterprise quality technology to these firms. Advisors can leverage technology and manage this massive growth with the help of Intuition software.

“Laserfiche has designed Intuition to help investment advisors minimize their paperwork and maximize their time and value to their customers,” said Chris Wacker, senior vice president of Business Development for Laserfiche. “Intuition provides advisors the means to go paperless. It’s easy to install and simple to use. It captures, stores and retrieves any document with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks.”

Intuition is a professional grade product that allows small offices to “scale up” as their businesses grows, handling millions of pages without hindering search capabilities. Significant features include:

  1. High quality scanning from a wide variety of scanners.
  2. Robust and powerful search engine.
  3. Ability to redact sensitive information before printing.
  4. Archiving electronic documents from a wide array of software applications, including text files, PDFs, movies, autoCAD, sound files, as well as Microsoft® Office applications such as Outlook® and Word®.
  5. Customizable and color-coded indexing features.
  6. Sophisticated search and retrieval features designed to save hours of searching through paper documents or filing cabinets.
  7. Flexible distribution features for mailing or e-mailing customer records or compliance documents.

“Document management is no longer a luxury for small firms and sole practitioners, but rather a necessity for firms like ours to increase business efficiencies and support that will bridge the gap for independent advisors and small firms who need the key features of the enterprise solutions used by large organizations, but without the investment and resources required to support those high-end products,” said Kim Emperato, Director of Operations, Cuddy Financial Services in Auburn, NY.

For more information about Intuition, please go to www.intuitionpro.com.

About Laserfiche
A resource for over 25,000 organizations since 1987, Laserfiche creates simple and elegant document management solutions that help organizations run smarter.

Intuition is Laserfiche’s document management solution designed specifically for investment advisors. Intuition contains all the features an investment advisor needs—at a highly-competitive price. Easy to install, use and maintain, Intuition helps entrepreneurs eliminate laborious, paper-based processes and spend more time actively serving their clients.

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