The FlyingFiche sailing team placed first in its class in the 68th Annual Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race on Saturday, April 25. Laserfiche CEO and Skipper Chris Wacker, Tactician and Boat Manager Bob Zellmer and Laserfiche Software Engineer Brian McKeever steered the team to victory across the 125 mile course.

"Newport to Ensenada Race 2015"“Powerful winds made for a wild ride,” said Wacker. “We completed the race in 24 hours and 44 minutes.”

With a low-pressure system moving in from the west that day, participating crews looked to leverage the wind to their advantage.

“The strategy for the race is mostly about what route you take,” said McKeever. “The shortest path stays closest to land, but there is typically stronger wind further out in the ocean. So it’s mostly about balancing distance versus speed.”

The FlyingFiche struck that balance weIMG_0408ll as it swiftly navigated the course while remaining close to shore. The boat also had the advantage of a well-rested crew.

“We had a pair of two-member crews that were constantly alternating, so one crew was always fresh,” said Wacker. “We ended up winning by about 20 minutes, which is a lifetime in sailing.”

With a full head of steam, the orange-sailed FlyingFiche looks forward to an action-packed season of sailing.

“We will be sailing in the upcoming San Diego Yachting Cup,” said Zellmer. “After returning to Long Beach, we will also be doing Wednesday night races in the summer and other races throughout the year.”

“Sailing season is really just getting started,” McKeever added. “We will be participating in events like Catalina weekends, where we race to the island on Saturday, go on shore Saturday night and race back on Sunday. These events are always a lot of fun.”

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