LOS ANGELES, CA (Laserfiche)—September 30, 2010—Laserfiche is pleased to announce that it has published a new white paper titled “What Financial Advisors Need to Know about the Dodd-Frank Act.” The educational guide explores how enterprise content management (ECM) software can help financial advisors adapt to the sweeping regulatory changes outlined in the Dodd-Frank Act. These changes include:

  • More state oversight for advisors with less than $100 million in assets under management.
  • Increased scrutiny from the SEC for larger advisory firms.
  • Increased supervision from FINRA.
  • Fiduciary standard for broker-dealers.
  • Additional disclosure and reporting.

“The Dodd-Frank Act will have a profound impact on financial advisors’ costs, compliance programs and productivity. But far too many advisors are unaware of all the implications for their business,” said Chris Wacker, executive vice president at Laserfiche. “We wrote this paper to bring clarity to the market, and to show advisors that with the right technology, they can increase profitability even in the face of massive regulatory change.”

The white paper highlights the most relevant parts of the reform bill for financial advisors and provides an overview of the many ways that ECM software can help them adapt, including streamlining audits, simplifying recordkeeping and automating the disclosure process.

“Successful financial advisors across the country choose Laserfiche to decrease the amount of time and money they devote to compliance,” said Wacker. “They also benefit from powerful security features that protect confidential client information, imaging capabilities that enable them to eliminate paper waste and workflow functionality that allows them to improve efficiency across the firm.”

You may download the white paper at: https://www.laserfiche.com/docs/white_papers/FinancialAdvisors_Dodd-Frank_Act.pdf

About Laserfiche
Laserfiche creates simple and elegant enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that help organizations run smarter. Since 1987, more than 28,000 organizations worldwide—including federal, state and local government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies—have used Laserfiche software to streamline document, records and business process management.

The Laserfiche ECM system gives financial advisors the ability to simplify regulatory compliance, improve profitability and limit exposure to civil and criminal liability. It allows advisors to prepare for audits more easily and ensure compliance with multiple state, SEC and FINRA regulations—all while accelerating business processes and making staff more efficient.

Laserfiche is a registered trademark of Compulink Management Center, Inc.

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