Long Beach, CA – After evaluating a rigorous testing demonstration, Marina Medical Billing Service, Inc., a prominent emergency medicine billing company in Cerritos, California, has selected Laserfiche® as their electronic document management solution (EDMS) to manage their growing volume of records and source documentation.

Working through solution provider JPI Data Resource, Marina Medical Billing Service, Inc. gave Laserfiche a required test case that represented twice the highest load forecast for their coming growth cycle (approximately 60 million pages). Both system load and processing power were to be tested aggressively. Two hundred concurrent users would need to be logged into the system processing 100,000 documents per day, performing a total of 1200 in/out reads/second. At the same time, scanning and writing to an HP® repository had to be equivalent to 255 pages/minute. Recovery from server failure had to be within 15 minutes.

A three-company project test team that included an internal project manager, a systems engineer, and two quality assurance test engineers was assembled. ISG Technology, Inc., an HP system integrator, provided a team of systems engineers to set up and configure the HP hardware consisting of three HP DL380 G5 servers and an HP Modular Storage Array 1500 SAN. The project was managed by a project manager from JPI Data Resource, a Laserfiche reseller consulting group specializing in document management systems for the medical billing industry.

The demonstration consisted of an hour of continuous full-speed and full-volume processing. To prepare for this demonstration, the project team ran the scripts in the test bed continuously for 24 hours. Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 performance counters were used to monitor the test and the demonstration. Processor usage of the Laserfiche server averaged only 41.6%, and peaked at just over 60% for about a minute. This usage was well within Laserfiche-acceptable limits of 10 minutes of constant 80% usage. The SQL server, meanwhile averaged only 14.5% processor usage and peaked at 25%, representing no concern when compared to the same acceptable limit of 10 minutes and 80% usage.

Failover mechanisms were tested by abruptly unplugging the hardware running the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 in the middle of the test. The VMWare failover software seamlessly transferred all processes to the other server within 4 minutes, which was well within the 15 minute test requirement. Once the test scripts were restarted, the Laserfiche scan, query, and retrieval processes proceeded without a problem, proving the failover and load handling capabilities of the entire system in the event of total failure of one piece of hardware. The system also processed twice as many user inputs as required while scanning and importing four times as many documents to the database.

The test bed Laserfiche system performed flawlessly and far exceeded the client’s “stress test” requirements. The 100% margin on the Laserfiche server’s processing capability and the 700% margin on the SQL server meant that the number of users, the number of pages, and the volume of documents processed and accessed were superbly handled. Given that database operations of scanning and responding to user input were two and four times the required amounts, Marina has plenty of room to grow their business without concern that their document management system will not be capable of growing with them.

For Marina Medical, the comprehensive system stress test analysis confirmed that Laserfiche was an EDMS that could operate effectively even under the rigors of an extremely high-volume environment. For the Laserfiche, JPI Data Resource, HP, and ISG solutions team, the ultimate measure of success was proving the right combination of software, hardware, and technology services could give Marina Medical the tools to run their business more efficiently.

According to Marsha Besley, Medical Billing Service, Inc. Founder & President, “We are committed to implementing the best technology has to offer to ensure that we provide superior billing service to our clients.” Besley says that she anticipates that Laserfiche will tremendously reduce labor costs and will expedite emergency medicine billing practices.

For a copy of the White Paper, Trying Laserfiche on for Size: System Stress Test Analysis for High-Volume Environments, please email your request to mauricio.pinto@laserfiche.com.

About Marina Medical Billing Service, Inc.
Marina Medical Billing Service, Inc. was founded in 1981 by Marsha Besley to do the billing for her emergency medicine physician husband’s hospital contract. Marina Medical was then and remains today totally committed to the philosophy that physicians deserve to be paid fairly and promptly for the care provided their patients in good faith, with payment fully in compliance with both the letter and the spirit of all applicable rules, regulations and laws. Within this philosophical framework, Marina Medical’s employees are highly committed to “their doctors” and to working hard on their behalf. Marina’s proven ability to collect more for new clients by meticulous follow-through, submitting better prepared claims, and careful attention to detail is a direct result of this commitment. For more information, please go to www.marinabilling.com.

About HP
HP focuses on simplifying technology experiences for all of its customers – from individual consumers to the largest businesses. With a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure, HP is among the world’ s largest IT companies, with revenue totaling $97.1 billion for the four fiscal quarters ended April 30, 2007. More information about HP (NYSE: HPQ) is available at https://www.hp.com.

About Laserfiche
Founded in 1987 and based in Long Beach, CA, Laserfiche (www.Laserfiche.com) develops scalable electronic digital document management solutions that enable a wide range of organizations to operate more effectively. Supported by a network of more than 1,000 certified Value Added Resellers, Laserfiche solutions can be found in more than 25,000 business and government offices worldwide. Laserfiche products are known for being both broadly applicable and easy to use and maintain.

About JPI Data Resource
Based in Houston, TX and Baton Rouge, LA, JPI Data Resource (www.jpidr.com ) is the world-wide leading reseller of Laserfiche digital document management solutions. With a strategic focus on medical billing applications, JPI places Laserfiche nationwide and presently services clients in more than half of the 50 states. As an active member of HBMA (www.hbma.org) and knowledge able in the processes used by billing companies, JPI is the industry specific project management, consulting and implementation arm of teams such as the one described above. JPI delivers the broadly applicable Laserfiche products in a very focused manner, enabling any industry specific organizations involved in medical billing to operate most effectively.

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