Janice Fioravante, New York Daily News

Many small business owners are working hard to make the term “paperwork” as obsolete as the typewriter. Because organizing and storing contracts, receipts and invoices is more efficient when done electronically, an increasingly large array of products and services are helping companies turn back the paper tide. Staten Island money manager Alan Katz of Comprehensive Wealth Management Group invested in Intuition, a system made for financial advisers. “I researched different solutions because I know that, in my business, I have to follow regulations on how documents can be stored.” Intuition allowed a pair of Katz’s interns to empty five filing cabinets by scanning in their contents and organizing them electronically. Since they finished, “looking for a document is so much easier than sifting through paper files,” he said. Intuition, made by Laserfiche, sells for $1,495 and comes with one year of tech support. Laserfiche consultant Tim Welsh said the program provides one central filing system for all records and scanned documents, including e-mail, PDFs and faxes. “Once digitized, records can be accessed from anywhere now that the office travels with owners, assuming they’ve got a laptop,” Welsh said. “Access to all documents should be a snap.”

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