ScanDoc Ltd. in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, has been approved as a Laserfiche value­-added reseller in time to sell the software developer’s most anticipated and talked about suite of products ever, Laserfiche 8™.

According to Steve Livermore, managing director for ScanDoc Ltd., “The Laserfiche 8 platform, which offers powerful functionality, couldn’t have been released at a better time as our customers in the UK seek our advice on how to run their organizations more efficiently. The Laserfiche electronic document management system allows knowledge workers to gather, approve, and disseminate information digitally and helps them manage organizational archives reliably and securely. Filing cabinets become a thing of the past.”

Laserfiche 8 provides an open, scalable, service­oriented architecture that allows organizations to unify information that flows from disparate sources in multiple formats while providing staff with critical information on demand. By providing actionable information in the proper context, Laserfiche 8 promotes higher productivity, lower overhead costs and more agile business processes, at an attractive price point.

“We have always focused on providing document management solutions that are easy to deploy and simple to use,” said Laserfiche President and CEO Nien-­Ling Wacker. “Laserfiche 8 extends that philosophy to the realm of integration and business process automation.”

“With Laserfiche 8, we’ve also focused on providing IT staff within the Microsoft ecosystem with a best­of­breed application that incorporates standard Microsoft® tools for management and integration,” she added. “Laserfiche 8 takes advantage of the Windows® Workflow Foundation and Microsoft SQL Server™ architecture, and enhances the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint®. To simplify firewall configuration, it uses the HTTP/WebDAV communication protocol. It also offers DoD 5015.2­certified records management capabilities to help organizations manage multimedia records throughout their life cycle.”

Laserfiche provides its large and active user community with a comprehensive library of sample integrations and workflow projects through an online portal and community forum, giving organizations the tools they need to tailor their Laserfiche solutions to their specific needs. This combination of flexible software modules and online resources makes it possible for any organization to afford and deploy a fully integrated document management and automated workflow solution.

About ScanDoc Ltd

ScanDoc Ltd ( is a document and data management provider to the UK and European marketplace. ScanDoc provides open architecture solutions to streamline business processes through document management, workflow and records management solutions. ScanDoc’s range of products and services focus on disaster recovery, data security (DoD 5015.2), seamless document capture, process automation and regulatory compliance (Basel 2, Sarbanes­Oxley, MiFid and AML). Formed in 2004, ScanDoc staff have over ten years experience within the document management sector. To offer a wide range of solutions for the financial, medical, legal and government sectors, its core focus is on delivering the highest quality

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