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Laserfiche Cloud


Support paperless goals with a proven document management system

Billed annually:

$50 USD /user/month*

Billed annually:

$600 USD /user/year*

Starts at 1 user

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Import, Store & Organize Files

  • Bulk import emails and files
  • Full-text search
  • Customizable metadata
  • Microsoft 365 integration

Collaborate Across Content

  • Simultaneous document editing
  • Document versioning
  • External file sharing
  • Annotations

Manage Access to Information

  • Fine-grained access controls
  • Redactions
  • Offline mobile access
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Transform processes from end-to-end with powerful automation and integration tools

Billed annually:

$69 USD /user/month*

Billed annually:

$830 USD /user/year*

Starts at 5 users

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Everything in Starter, plus:

Automate Business Processes

  • Workflow and approval automation
  • Process template library
  • Robotic process automation
  • Task management
  • Rules management

Build & Customize Forms

  • Electronic forms and surveys
  • Form approval routing
  • Custom themes

Auto-Classify & Auto-File Documents

  • Batch scanning
  • Image processing
  • Document routing

Gain Business Insights

  • Process reporting and monitoring
  • Bottleneck analysis


Scale across departments with extensive administration and compliance features

Billed annually:

$79 USD /user/month*

Billed annually:

$950 USD /user/year*

Starts at 25 users

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Everything in Professional, plus:

Address Compliance

  • Records lifecycle management
  • Automated records retention
  • Advanced audit trail reporting
  • Legal holds
  • Watermarks

Enable Customer Engagement

  • Customer-initiated processes
  • External-facing surveys
  • Public content hosting

Onboard Users at Scale

  • On-demand user provisioning
  • Bulk user management
*Excludes professional services and implementation fees

Benefits of Hosting in the Cloud

  • Accelerate deployment organization-wide
  • Reduce maintenance burden on internal IT team
  • Immediate access to latest features and enhancements
  • Ensure business continuity and uninterrupted user access
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Advanced Cloud Security to Keep Your Data Protected

  • TLS encryption in-transit and AES 256 encryption at-rest
  • SAML single sign-on
  • Intrusion detection protocols
  • Fine-grained access controls
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Advanced search

Perform and save granular searches across a wide set of search attributes for easy and quick content retrieval.

Version history

Store previous versions of documents to refer or revert back to prior versions if necessary.

Simultaneous editing of Microsoft 365 content

Collaborate on and edit Microsoft 365 content with other users at the same time.


Add searchable comments, callouts, highlights, stamps and more to images and content.

Direct file share with external users

Share content via secure links within and outside of the organization.

Customizable metadata templates

Define a metadata template that can be automatically populated to support keyword search, document classification and more.

Mobile offline file sync

Access and update files on the go, even without internet connection.

File publishing via public portal

Provide read-only web access to documents for a population outside of your organization with a customizable public portal site.

Optional Add-on in Professional
Unlimited Views
No-code process designer

Automate email alerts, document routing, approvals and much more with a drag-and-drop interface to automate and optimize virtually any process.

Process versioning

Reference and restore previous versions of process definitions.

Rules management

Centrally define repeatable decision logic, formulas, scripts and more that can be defined once and used across multiple processes as relevant.

Task management

View, manage, and report on individual and team tasks, which can be sorted by priority and deadlines in a central task inbox.

Custom scripting

Create custom scripts that incorporate third-parties as part of automated solutions.

Process health reports

Identify process bottlenecks and inefficiencies using out-of-the-box insights reports that monitor process health metrics.

Custom reports

Create custom report visualizations on process data to gain business intelligence and inform strategic decisions.

Bulk import

Automatically import electronic files from network drives and file shares in bulk or on a schedule.

Email archiving

Archive emails automatically, using filing rules based on email properties such as "subject" or "from/to".

Batch document scanning and image clean-up

Perform automated clean-up (e.g. page separation, image improvement, deskew, etc.) to improve OCR and indexing.

Optional Add-on in Starter
Auto-classification and auto-filing

Sort and classify documents as they are added to the repository, simplifying the process to search and retrieve content.

Optional Add-on in Starter
Mobile app capture

Easily capture documents through your mobile device's camera and access offline documents via mobile app.

Smart Invoice Capture

Automatically capture information from any invoice, in any format with machine learning technology.

Optional Add-on in Professional
Optional Add-on in Business
Dynamic field rules

Dynamically show and hide certain form fields based on the values of other fields for more complex forms.

Form templates

Use pre-built forms and process templates to reduce development time and jumpstart automation efforts.

Approval and task automation

Automate approval tasks, document routing, reminders and more using a code-free business process designer to outline the process steps after a form submission.


Create surveys and view results as responses are submitted via visualized charts.

Custom themes

Set colors, font sizes, borders, logos and everything else to design the look of an electronic form.

CSS/JavaScript scripting

Further customize how a form looks and feels beyond existing functionality by using CSS/Javascript.

Mobile offline form submissions

Complete electronic forms on the go or through kiosk mode via mobile app, even when offline. Offline forms are submitted when connection is restored.

Public form submissions

Publish external-facing forms for public users or external constituents to submit information and kick off internal review processes.

Optional Add-on in Professional
Microsoft 365 integration, including Teams, Outlook and Office

Work more efficiently and support governance using native integrations with Microsoft Teams, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

Remote lookups

Access local databases to populate form fields, metadata, process logic and more via lookups.

Redtail CRM integration

Push and pull data between Laserfiche and Redtail to reduce data entry and optimize CRM process flows.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration

Push and pull data between Laserfiche and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration to reduce data entry and optimize CRM process flows.

Salesforce CRM integration

Push and pull data between Laserfiche and Salesforce to reduce data entry and optimize CRM process flows.

Optional Add-on in Professional
Optional Add-on in Business
Workflow Bots

Use robotic process automation-powered software "bots" to automate manual, repetitive clicks and data entry across websites and software applications that lack traditional integration access points, without any code.

1Optional Add-on in Professional
1Optional Add-on in Business
Laserfiche API

Use a set of RESTful web APIs to design custom integrations between Laserfiche and third-party enterprise apps.

50,000 calls/monthAdditional calls available for purchase.
100,000 calls/monthAdditional calls available for purchase.
Software Development Kit

Integrate third-party apps and data with Laserfiche to create custom solutions via the SDK and supporting documentation.

Optional Add-on in Professional
DocuSign integration

Send documents from the Laserfiche repository via DocuSign to complete e-signatures.

Optional Add-on in Starter
Optional Add-on in Professional
Ellucian Banner integration through Ethos

Seamless exchange of student personal information and course information between Laserfiche and Banner SIS to support the student registrar forms use case.

Optional Add-on in Professional
Optional Add-on in Business
Certified integration with SAP ArchiveLink

Configure a Laserfiche repository as a content repository in SAP, where you can directly archive SAP content in Laserfiche as well as search, retrieve, update, and delete content.

Optional Add-on in Starter
Optional Add-on in Professional
Optional Add-on in Business
Integration with Laser App

Import filled out Laser App forms into the Laserfiche repository and set Laserfiche metadata field values based on Laser App data.

Optional Add-on in Starter
Optional Add-on in Professional
Optional Add-on in Business

Redact images and/or text associated with a document to hide sensitive data from unauthorized users.

Basic audit trail on user activity

Track successful user actions, such as create/delete/edit actions performed on documents and metadata.

Advanced audit trail on user activity

Track successful and unsuccessful changes to access rights, global and user settings, passwords and more.

Optional Add-on in Professional
Watermark tracking

Place an administrator-defined watermark on content printed or exported by a user.

Optional Add-on in Professional
Records lifecycle management

Manage records through creation, active use and disposition, based on compliance and organizational requirements. This includes classifying, securing, storing, tracking and destroying records as necessary.

Optional Add-on in Professional
Legal holds

Apply a legal hold to specified content, preserving all forms of relevant information and halt retention policies to avoid evidence tampering or accidental removal when litigation is possible.

Optional Add-on in Professional
Records retention and disposition reporting

Quickly locate and create a report on relevant records based on their retention and disposition schedules.

Optional Add-on in Professional
Automate records actions and events

Automatically set cutoff instructions, retention schedules, holds and more to reduce manual records-related actions.

Optional Add-on in Professional
Strict compliance mode WORM (Write Once Read Many) storage – Laserfiche Vault

Ensure that no user can make any modifications to a record’s content or perform any action that may shorten or bypass its retention schedule.

Optional Add-on in Professional
Optional Add-on in Business
Group and role-based fine-grained security access controls

Set access rights by individuals, roles or groups to limit and control access to documents and objects across the platform.

Multi-factor authentication

Enable multi-factor authentication to strengthen user security.

AD FS authentication for Windows users

Configure single-sign on via Active Directory Federation Services to use existing AD credentials.

SAML authentication

Configure SAML-based single sign-on with a variety of identity providers.

Just-in-time/on-demand provisioning for SAML and AD users

Create and assign user licenses upon initial user log in to eliminate the need to configure user accounts in advance.

SOC 2 Type 2

This report details the controls for Laserfiche Cloud related to the criteria for the security, availability and confidentiality principles set forth in TSP section 100, 2017 Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy (AICPA, Trust Services Criteria).

TLS encryption in transit and AES-256 encryption at rest

All data sent between Laserfiche customers and applications is encrypted in transit using Transport Layer Security (TLS) with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). Data volumes on servers storing customer data and attachments in Laserfiche Cloud are encrypted at rest using industry-standard full-disk AES-256 encryption.

Intrusion detection

Laserfiche Cloud utilizes host-based intrusion detection systems to reduce the risk of data theft by individuals or organizations attempting to gain unauthorized access.

Penetration testing

Laserfiche engages third-party vendors to conduct external penetration testing of the Laserfiche Cloud system.

Vulnerability scanning

Laserfiche performs a vulnerability scan of backend servers that run in the Laserfiche Cloud hosting environment.

High availability

Laserfiche Cloud SaaS services are hosted in multiple regions, consisting of multiple availability zones with multiple data centers. These data centers are housed in separate facilities with redundant power, networking and connectivity.

Automated and encrypted backups

Customer data is backed up several times each day. The backups are encrypted, replicated and stored in geographically separate data centers.

Automated feature and security updates and enhancements

Continue to drive innovation with the latest features and enhancements without requiring any manual updates.

Online learning resources

Access a variety of training videos, certification courses, documentation and more to support smooth implementation and user adoption.

Community forum

Engage with a vibrant user community, including Laserfiche staff, resellers and other customers, to share questions and find answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions


To explore all the capabilities Laserfiche can offer first-hand, Laserfiche Cloud is available as a free trial. If you’re ready today to transform the way you work and accelerate how business gets done, ask for a customized demo or call us at 1-800-985-8533 to get started now.

Consider what challenges your organization is facing and what your organization is looking to accomplish. If you’re a small department primarily struggling with lost documents stored across multiple places, Starter will provide a centralized and secure platform to search, retrieve and archive important content. For any organization or large department challenged with inefficient manual processes that are prone to error and delays, Professional will provide a broad suite of automation, advanced document management and business intelligence tools to transform entire processes. Business will provide even more advanced functionality, supporting large organizations who have to satisfy certain compliance policies such as records management, have sophisticated integration requirements or have more demanding administration needs to efficiently scale across the whole organization. For custom enterprise needs or any other questions, Laserfiche is happy to help guide you towards the best package tier based on your immediate business challenges.


Laserfiche offers several user license types to account for varying levels of usage across internal and external users. The full user license provides complete access to the features included in the respective package purchased at the discretion of an administrator. Participant user licenses allow read-only access to the repository, as well as the ability to submit forms and complete process approval and review tasks. Community user licenses are also available for external users to gain read-only access to documents and participate in automated forms processes. To learn about these license options and pricing for your organization, please get in touch with Laserfiche.

Yes, site licensing may be available depending on your organization’s needs. Please contact Laserfiche to explore potential site licensing options.

Professional services may be offered at additional cost to help your organization throughout the deployment process to ensure successful solution implementation and a fast return on investment. Additionally, Laserfiche also provides online certification training courses, a community forum to interact with Laserfiche developers and other customers, extensive documentation and videos, an annual Empower conference and more so you can get the most out of your Laserfiche purchase.

Laserfiche offers both a SaaS-based cloud deployment, Laserfiche Cloud, as well as a self-hosted deployment offering. With Laserfiche Cloud, Laserfiche hosts the software for you, providing enterprise-grade security, automatic updates, disaster recovery and much more included as part of the platform. This is the best choice for organizations that want to immediately get up and running without the technical burden and complexity of managing servers themselves. The Laserfiche self-hosted offering will be relevant for organizations who must abide by certain compliance requirements or have the technical resources to support and maintain their own custom implementations on their own servers or via third-party cloud infrastructure.

As supported by the SOC 2 Type 2 attestation report, Laserfiche Cloud includes stringent environmental security practices to keep customer information safe and secure including penetration testing, vulnerability scanning and more, in addition to administration-based security features such as granular access controls, multifactor authentication, records management and audit logs. Learn more about all the security-related features here.

For Laserfiche Cloud customers, data is backed up several times each day. The backups are encrypted, replicated and stored in geographically separate data centers with redundant power, networking and connectivity. For Laserfiche Self-Hosted, organizations are responsible for their own system backups.


For Laserfiche Cloud, minor enhancements and updates automatically release on a frequent and continuous basis. Major feature updates are released each quarter with immediate access upon launch. For Laserfiche Self-Hosted systems, minor updates are released throughout the year with at least one major release per year.

Yes, multi-year subscriptions are available.

Yes, if you’d like to include more users and feature add-ons to further scale your Laserfiche solution, please contact your Laserfiche solution provider at anytime during your annual subscription plan. You may also contact us to request purchasing additional components to your existing plan or upgrade to a higher package tier.

Please get in touch with your Laserfiche solution provider or contact us to learn more.

Have other questions?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help answer additional questions on our packages or our software offering in general.

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