Availability and Redundancy

Laserfiche uses both performance data and a health monitoring system to check the health of hosted services. Staff members are automatically notified of potential issues so that they can be addressed. We notify users in advance of any planned service interruptions due to system maintenance or upgrades. In addition, we use multiple availability zones to provide redundancy in data storage.

Monitoring Controls

Our service health monitoring system continually checks for signs of overcapacity or service failure. This information is analyzed and, if the information is deemed critical, an alert is sent to Laserfiche so that the issue can be quickly addressed. System performance is sampled across Laserfiche Cloud for analysis, and a real-time dashboard allows Laserfiche Cloud operations teams to immediately see conditions that might lead to poor performance before customers become aware of a problem.


Customer information stored in databases and file repositories, including metadata, files, and process information, are backed up regularly. The resulting backups encrypted using AES-256. The backups are verified using checksums which confirms that the backup file is stored correctly. Backups are tested at regular intervals to validate that the backup is correct and usable to restore the data.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Laserfiche Cloud is hosted in multiple regions. Regions consist of multiple availability zones that are comprised of multiple data centers. These data centers are housed in separate facilities with redundant power, networking and connectivity.

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Sandbox instances

Laserfiche will provide sandbox environments for developers and administrators to test applications and extensions, and preview new features without impacting the production environment.

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