Laserfiche Debuts Business Process Automation for Human Resources

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Laserfiche recently introduced a human resources-focused package of prebuilt business processes as a part of the Laserfiche Business Process Library (BPL). This package provides the downloadable tools necessary for rapid process automation in key HR functions including new employee onboarding and benefits enrollment. Laserfiche unveiled the package at the Gartner Catalyst Conference, Aug. 15-18.

HR professionals simply select the desired process to download a configurable template and deploy in just a few clicks.

“Automation enables organizations to unlock and analyze information to make informed decisions about their workforce,” said Karl Chan, President and CTO of Laserfiche. “This HR package speeds automation deployment so organizations can reach those benefits faster.”

The HR package comprises prebuilt processes that span every stage of employment, from recruiting and onboarding to development, retention and separation. Key templates now available include:

  • Job requisition
  • Job application
  • New hire pre-boarding and onboarding
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave tracking
  • Employee status change notification
  • Employee referral
  • Timesheet processing
  • Travel and expense request
  • Exit interview

Prebuilt processes can be configured to fit the needs of an organization—whether that means adding a mobile element to the process, or changing how an organization captures information or who approves it. At the end of each process, submitted documents are archived in accordance with a retention schedule based on compliance requirements.

“These prebuilt business processes are inspired by customers who leverage Laserfiche as part of HR best practices,” said Catherine Ramos, Director of Product Marketing at Laserfiche. “It’s now easier and faster than ever before for HR professionals to realize the full benefits of ECM to enhance productivity and recruit, develop and retain the best talent.”

Texas A&M University System’s College of Engineering used Laserfiche to automate its HR processes and support an enrollment increase. “By automating our new employee onboarding process, we determined that we saved around 45 minutes per new employee,” said Christopher Huff, Network Systems Administrator at Texas A&M’s College of Engineering. “It came out to over $100,000 in soft savings.”

The BPL is available as part of Laserfiche 10, the latest enterprise content management (ECM) offering from Laserfiche. Users can select the desired process from the BPL to download process diagrams, workflows, template fields and reports, all of which can be configured to fit an organization’s specific requirements.

In addition to the BPL, Laserfiche 10 includes embedded analytics and performance dashboards that give HR managers insight into workloads and staff performance. This information enables managers to evaluate employees from a holistic perspective and make strategic decisions.

Laserfiche ECM, a foundation for innovation at more than 36,000 organizations worldwide, automates a variety of processes, including records management, contract management and accounts payable, among others. Visit to explore its flexible deployment models, request demonstrations of these processes and more.

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