U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Certify Laserfiche

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LONG BEACH, Calif.— Laserfiche software has been certified to be deployed to all branches of the Navy and Marine Corps around the world from a centralized location by the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI).

When a branch office decides to begin using Laserfiche, they need only request the software from NMCI. Laserfiche is then remotely deployed directly to their desktops, meaning office employees do not have to purchase or install any software themselves. Most offices will use Laserfiche to automate complex business workflows that involve integrating several systems.

The Laserfiche certification comes at a time when NMCI is strengthening requirements to create a standard, tightly controlled intranet for all users in the Navy and Marine Corps. Of 2,000 software products that have attempted certification, NMCI has certified just 500 for its 300,000-user network since it was established in 1999. The certification guidelines are intended to reduce support burdens, maximize efficiency and ensure that only the most versatile and compatible applications are installed on the intranet.

“This certification is an example of Laserfiche’s consistent, security-conscious high standards,” says Nien-Ling Wacker, Chairman and CEO of Laserfiche. “The Navy will benefit from increased efficiency as they use Laserfiche in their very demanding computing environment, while current and future users will have the peace of mind that the software has met some of the most stringent requirements for computer programs in the world.”

“Earning this certification demonstrates that Laserfiche can seamlessly work with a multitude of interconnected databases, programs and servers – all while maintaining the NMCI’s extremely rigorous security and compatibility requirements,” says John Montel, director of the document-management division of FC Business Systems, a certified Laserfiche reseller. Laserfiche and FC Business Systems worked together for more than five years to arrange for the certification, and the testing process itself took a full 18 months.

The implementation of Laserfiche on NMCI will begin at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane, IN. As use of Laserfiche spreads to other branches of the Navy and the Marines, the system has the ability to be instantly expanded by adding more user licenses to the system without having to purchase additional servers or install more software. By April 2006, the Crane warfare center alone will incorporate 2,200 users, and Laserfiche expects the system to rapidly expand around the world and support tens of thousands of users in the next decade.

“Since Laserfiche is certified, there is no need for each individual office to conduct their own tests, approvals, and integrations,”says Montel. “The fact that Laserfiche can be remotely deployed virtually overnight from a centralized location results in significant time and cost savings for all offices of the Navy and Marine Corps.”

Laserfiche was recently recertified for the United States Department of Defense 5015.2-STD standard, which it first earned in August 2003. This makes Laserfiche one of a small handful of software products to be certified by both the Department of Defense and NMCI. “One certification is prestigious, but having both is a huge plus for federal agencies looking to make their records electronic,” says Montel. “This gives officials who handle sensitive documents a proven option when looking into implementing records management software in their departments.”

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Since 1987, Laserfiche (www.laserfiche.com), an international leader in the field of document imaging, storage and retrieval, has been converting reams of paper into meaningful information by making rooms of documents as accessible and searchable as a single page. The award-winning software is known for its reliability, robustness and ease of use. More than 21,000 government agencies, Fortune 1000 corporations and universities around the world use Laserfiche.

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