Better Patient Outcomes and Experiences

Laserfiche’s content services platform (CSP) streamlines day-to-day processes and auto-captures patient data across the enterprise, so providers can accelerate and improve patient care.

Do More with EMR and EHR

Laserfiche allows you to leverage extended functionalities such as linking unstructured content, like authorizations, outside lab results and more, into EMRs. Use Laserfiche to eliminate manual typing or searching and provide an end-to-end digital experience for staff, clinicians, physicians and patients.

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Improve Productivity and Resilience

Give time back to staff by automating time-consuming processes, from new patient onboarding to clinical lab management, insurance processing, digital billing and more.

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Visualize Every Step of Data

Digitize, automate and connect patient information, clinical trials and costly tasks across your organization. Revamp the most challenging initiatives from front-end to back-end to boost operational efficiency without requiring additional workforce.

  • Consolidate electronic records to instantly retrieve and auto-populate data fields
  • Simplify indexing and chart retrieval without disrupting care
  • Create a real-time visibility to data analytics and reporting

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