Intermediate · 4 Courses


Master the art of scanning and image processing as you learn to use captured content with forms, documents, and data.
Intermediate · 4 Courses

Records Management

Manage record lifecycles from start to finish. File, retain, transfer, and store records with Laserfiche to stay in compliance.
Intermediate · 6 Courses

Business Process Design

Keep things running smoothly. Digitally transform your organization with the help of Laserfiche Forms and Workflow.
Intermediate · 7 Courses


Get Laserfiche up and running at your organization. Set up, support, maintain, and secure your Laserfiche system.
Intermediate· 8 Courses


Become the resident Laserfiche expert in your office. Learn how to capture, process and store content with Laserfiche.
Advanced · 5 Courses


Take your knowledge further. Become the ultimate power-user as you configure and troubleshoot robust Laserfiche systems.


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