Did you know that you can create a shortcut in Windows to a frequently used item in Laserfiche? A shortcut will open the Laserfiche Client and take a user directly to that document or folder.

To create a shortcut in Windows to a folder in Laserfiche, drag the folder from the Laserfiche Folder Browser to where you want it in Windows (e.g., your desktop).

To create a shortcut to a document, press CTRL+SHIFT while dragging the document from the Laserfiche Folder Browser to the desired location in Windows.

What about searches? In Laserfiche version 8.2 or higher, users can create a Laserfiche shortcut that directs the user to the results page for a particular search. For example, if an employee needs to do a weekly check on all invoices that are waiting to be paid, he can create a desktop shortcut that will run that search when opened.

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To do this, open up a text editor and paste in this XML code.

First, replace REPOSITORY_NAMEwith the name of the repository where you’d like to perform the search. Then, replace ADVANCED_SEARCH_SYNTAX with the advanced search syntax of the search.

To view all invoices waiting to be paid, use this XML.

Save this file with the .lfe extension. When opened, this Laserfiche shortcut will perform the specified search!

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