By: Connie Anderson
Technical Writer

Laserfiche Import Agent provides an easy and powerful way to automatically import content—whether it’s scanned documents or electronic files—to your Laserfiche repository. Import Agent 9 expands this functionality by allowing you to automatically generate Laserfiche image pages from PDFs during the import process.

If you choose this option, a PDF imported into Laserfiche will be converted to TIFF image pages so that it can be viewed and worked with using the Laserfiche Document Viewer. This allows you to work with those documents as you would any other Laserfiche imaged document, using Laserfiche native annotations and full-text search, as well as taking advantage of thumbnail and preview features. You can also convert any PDF annotations on the file to the equivalent Laserfiche annotation, and you can choose whether to keep or discard the original PDF as part of the document once the pages have been generated. In addition, Laserfiche will extract the original text stream from the PDF for searchability; if the PDF has no text stream, you can OCR the resulting pages instead.

To help you manage document sizes in Laserfiche, Import Agent gives you the option of generating pages as monochrome images rather than full-color. You can also specify the DPI for generated pages.

PDF page generation in Import Agent allows you more flexibility when importing and working with PDFs, so that you can take advantage of all of Laserfiche’s document management features.

2014-06-12 - Import Agent PDF page generation

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